Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gosh....i cant believe I did it...

My college organized a yoga class for the students which held every thursday for 1 hour. Me and my friends joined the class and today was my 1st class.

It is very relaxing and fun. We had a lot of fun and learn new things and not to mention, sweat alot too. But its worth it. For good health, good body shape *wink wink* hehe. So perasan laa.

And now, Im so freaking tired. No mood to do anything but lie on my bed and sleep. But i cant, cuz havent bath. >.<

So knocked out............

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We`re Jailed...!!!!

Few weeks ago, me and my freinds kena jail. But in the jail, it was filled with laughter and happiness and most importantly - MAKAN.

We went to this restaurant with the jail concept, Obake-ya where they serves japanese cuisine. Reached the place at ard lunch time ard 12:30 pm and we need to head back to college at 2 pmfor our quiz. Hehe. We`re really oo free nothing to do cuz we din even study for our quiz before hand. Notty girls...!!!

Anyway, back to the restaurant, its very cool and very fresh and unique. For customers came in group, they will be sitted in the 'cel'.

Here`s some of the photo in the restaurant :

Some of the decoration :

From the inside of the cel

The flame

A small hole - just like those in the real jail

The menu and the food :


The utensils

Our food

Cool drinks - they are actually fruits punch

The food was not bad. And the price for the set lunch was quite resonable but the hic-cups were the service charge and tax. Over 5, i gave the 3.5 - still got room to improve on. Hehe.

And before you leave the place, why dontstop by and take a picture of them.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yay...!!!! back...I finally got my connection already...

Hopefully, its all stable by now...

Promise will update more to compensate the lost....hehehe...


Saturday, May 3, 2008

How are you?

Hello. Its been sometime since i last blogged. How are you all? Fine? Happy?

I still havent got my connection yet and am now blogging at starbucks. So pity.

Did anyone of you miss me? Please don`t abandon this place, ya. I got tons to blog about.

So many things to share with you all. So, do hop in here from time to time ya. I might blog something interesting. =P

Till next time. Take care. Have a nice weekend.