Saturday, January 29, 2011

HK Trip 28 - 31 Dec 2010: Day 1

Been planning for this since the end of 2009. Original plan was to go with my cousin as we both agreed to save money for 1 whole year and to enjoy it at year end.

But, her brother did not approve her to go. So, i ask Woofy if he`s interested to go with me instead and he said OK. Then, we began to plan for it somewhere in August or so. Finally, everything is confirmed in September and I was counting down day by day for the big day to come. Very excited!! Although it`s not my first trip to overseas but it is my first trip to be so far away from home and by my own. And, our first trip together to overseas. =) And, its Winter time. More excited!!

I leave home on the 27th of December to KL to join Woofy as our flight was at 6.25am the next morning. I couldnt sleep for the whole night , not sure why. But managed to get 1-2 hours of sleep before the alarm went crazy. LOL! Woke up at 4am to get myself prepared to the airport.. Surprisingly, im not sleepy due to lack of sleep but was super energetic... Hehe... Even Woofy also feel amazed, because usually I will sleepy like a baby and never feel so willingful to wake up at such wee hours in the morning.

We left Tune Hotels LCCT at 5am, and head to LCCT by shuttle bus. Although it is just 5am, the crowd was amazing at such time! Mcdonalds were packed at that time. We faster checked in our luggage, and head to McD for breaky. Although the crowd is huge, we still managed to find a seat for us. Finally after the breakfast, we headed to boarding area and get into the plane.

The flight departed on time, and we reached Hong Kong at 10am. Instantly, we experienced the rich culture of HK. As we were having our passports checked at the immigration, the officers were talking to each other. But that was fine, because they're doing quick jobs, and not slacking. But as we listen to their conversation, it's full with words like t*u, g*o, l*n, etc etc etc... Woofy and I looked at each other, and we're like "WTF?". Haha, really a culture shock.

After that, we proceed to purchase our Octopus card, and took MTR to Mongkok. We instantly amazed with the efficiency of the public transport system in HK. It is always so punctual, and the cabin is forever clean, unlike the LRT, where you can see people having picnic in the cabin. The station interchange is very very convenient too. Syok! Merely half an hour later, we reached Mongkok. Although at first we're kinda lost, but after awhile, we found that it's not so difficult to find our way afterall. After 10-15 minutes of walking, we reached our hotel! Hehe... Just as we though we can have a short rest, we were told that we can only check in at 2pm. So, we went for our lunch. Our first meal in HK was wanton mee. O.M.G. Despite abit salty, the texture of the noodle and the filling of the wanton was tremendous! Malaysia's wanton mee really kalah kuat kuat... Woofy instantly get addicted with wanton mee after that. LOL. After lunch, we walked around Nathan Road, then to Sai Yeung Choi Street, Tung Choi Street and Fa Yuen Street. There, woofy bought his working attire from G2000. HKD300 for 3 shirts, which is equivalent to RM40 per shirt only, so darn cheap!!!! Malaysia selling 1 at RM80, and thats after discount. What a bargain! We tried also dessert from Hui Lau Shan -- YUUUUUUUMMMMYYY!!!!!!

We went back to hotel for checkin in after that, and had a bath. The hotel room is seriously small, but we don't mind as it is a norm in HK. After we get ourselves refreshed, we head to Tsim Sha Tsui to go to Stars of Avenue. We walked around, took some photos, and then wait for the Symphony of Lights which was scheduled at 8pm. There was still plenty of time before the show starts, so we walked to the pier, and slowly enjoying the scenery in front of us, which is the view of Central, Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. The view gets even more mesmerizing, as the sky starts to turn dark, and the lights of the building starts to shower. We can't take our eyes off the whole view as the magic hour reached. It's just so astonishing.

Finally at 8pm, the Symphony of Lights started, and it was just like what we expected - a wonderful show! The combination of light effects and the music was so seamless, kudos to the HK government in presenting such a show to the visitors! =)

After the show, we went to Temple Street. The whole street was so long, but we enjoyed the whole walk. So many things were sold there! Later on, we had our supper at Yee Shun Milk Company. We tried the famous steamed milk and pork chop macaroni. Walaueh, freaking delicious! Kekeke... After the satisfying supper, we head back to hotel to end the day with a good sleep.

Thats all for day 1, day 2 coming up! Here's some pixies for day 1:

6.25am.. HK here we come!


Almost reach le.. 

Touch down! 

On the way to Mongkok, in Airport Express 

Our first lunch in HK 

The street in front of hotel 

Portland Street 

Hui Lau Shan mango dessert drink. 好食! 

 Avenue of Stars

 View from Avenue of Stars

Sky getting dark d le.. 

Astonishing view 

We enjoyed this mesmerizing view..

IFC Tower 

The famous steam milk. Slurrrrp!!!!

Classic meal - Pork Chop Macaroni

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Althou its 1 day late, but nevertheless, i would like to wish everybody "Happy New Year".

Last year was an extremely good year for me. I managed to fulfill some of my resolutions.

2011 will be a better year. Start planning for the new year. Hehehe..

Me and Woofy just back from our vacation. Its a really enjoyable trip for us. Will upload pictures soon. =)