Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scared hell of me!!!

I had a real fright just now. My MSN and Facebook account was hacked by a hacker.

It happened when a friend of mine nudged me at MSN. She is my coursemate from Uni, thus, no suspect. But, i began to suspect something by the way this person chat with me using "babe", "miss you" etc.

Then, this person tried to video call me. My mistake, i clicked on the "decline" icon. Then, this person send me this message " haha, you lose" and i was stupid enough to reply with a "huh". After that, this person replied me " im a hacker. i change you msn password and hack your facebook account"

I was so scared that i quicky exit my msn and tell Woofy bout it. He helped me in everyway he can. I then tried to log into my msn and facebook but was shown by a message saying incorrect password. I was so scared and sad.

Woofy told me to be calm and i tried to log in my hotmail hoping that its ok. Luckily, its ok and i tried to retrieve everything from there.

Am now manage to gain back my msn and facebook account. My hands are still shaking now.

Will need to be more careful when online now. Please dont make me go all over this again. Im scared.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time value

Found this quote from my friend`s FB status today which I found is so right.

"Work efficiently during working hours and leave on time. Give the require time to your family, friends and have proper rest. Value has a value only if its value is valued."

Just how much time you spend with your family, loved ones, and friends once you start working? Its less than 5 hrs if you finished ur work at 6pm. The rest of the time, u used it to rest (sleeping). Before you knew it, its morning and you prepare urself to work.

And how much time you spend with your colleagues,bosses, clients, etc? More than 8 hrs if you are working from 9am to 6pm. After you start working, colleagues,bosses, clients are your best friends. They get to spend more time with you.

Yes, work is important but so do family. There is no work or job can be finish. Its something that constatntly on going. After you finish this project, another coming to you then another one.

Imagine the time that your family wanted to spend with you. Just cause you got so many things to do, so busy with your work and socials, etc. You spend lesser time with your family. Imagine the emptiness that your family felt.

Asked yourself, what you have given to your family, loved ones and friends? What they want from you?

Im sure, its not money that you gave your parents every month. Its not gifts that they want. Its care, concern, love and most importantly, your TIME. The time that you spend together that they want especially parents.

Be smart at work. Manage your time carefully. Dont make the one you love sad and unhappy.

To mum : I promised to home early everyday. Leave office at 6pm sharp no matter how busy I am at work. =D I love you, mum!

Friday, August 6, 2010

All cuz of you....hrmph

Great! My colleague messed up my mind now...=( Why i cant stand to my decision? *sigh*

I was at my cube doing my work as usual today. Then my colleague came up to me and said :

C: Wei, Im going 3rd floor (im working at 4th floor) to ask bout CFA. Do you wana follow me?

M: *shake my head vigorously* Yes yes!! Wait for me...

And off we went.....

Asked bout the details,price,etc....And now, Im tempted....FML

Its all my colleague fault....ish ish...

Haiz....How laa how laa..T.T

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Made up my mind =D

Well, its been sometime since I said I wanted to further my studies and anyone of you guys still remember, I wrote bout it somewhere last year. To choose between a professional certificate - CFA or master.

At that point of time, I do actually made up my mind that I wanted to take up CFA. I knew it will be hard and it actually took a lot of effort to pass. With the low passing grade, Im scared to take it up. I have no confident that I can actually see the result that I wanted in let say 3-5 years time. So, I asked for some advice from a very good friend of mine whom worked in investment industry, he pointed the pros and cons to me.

As much as Im interested in Finance and having a CFA will definitely help in my future, I feel that its not a good choice for me. Yeah, I really scared to take up that challenge. Maybe sometime in the future?

Thus, I've decided that I will take up Master in Finance. Focusing in just Finance. Then, will only decide if I wanted to continue with CFA or not. =D

Been hunting for uni lately and found some uni which caught my interest. Have shortlisted a few and planning out something in order to make things work. Hehe.

Hope this is the best for me. Hehe. I am happy with my decision at this moment.