Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today is a good day...

Today is a good day. I should say, this is the best birthday present i had this year. Im grateful. =D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hong Kong Trip - Day 2 (Part 1)

On the 2nd day, we woke up at 7am. Quite an early time, but we're excited, because we were going to Disneyland! Hehe... After a bath, we packed our stuffs, and head to a restaurant nearby to have our breakfast. The restaurant serves dimsum, and we have to say that the dimsum is so marvellous! Malaysia's dimsum is really no match to HK's. It's just so authentic. Freakinglicious!

 The dimsum restaurant.

What we had for breakfast - Char Siew Polo Bun, Porridge, Siew Mai, Hau Gau and Cheong Fun. Oh YUMMY~~~

Having a dimsum meal in Hong Kong is like getting an LV handbag in France. The originality is unbeatable. We can't stop feeling good when having our breakfast. lol. After our breakfast, we head to MTR station to go to Disneyland.

 Mickey-shaped grip handle.

The journey to Disneyland wasn't long, it took us about 30 minutes to reach. Undoubtedly, Meowy is excited. Suprisingly, I felt excited as well! Ahaha.. I guess I really got influenced by her already. A picture tells a thousand words. Follow my pixxies here!
 The big Mickey that welcomed us after the entry gate.

 Main street.

 Duffy's house!

The first park we went is Tomorrowland. Without any delay, we went to play Space Mountain! Space Mountain is 1 of the main attraction, and we're lucky that the crowd is still small. We queued for a short time, and it's finally our turn! Yippie! Our heart bibop bibop so quick as the roller coaster starts to move. It went up a slope for a short time, then WAAAAAAAAA SYOOOOK LEI!!! Haha! It was really fun, we enjoyed that!

After that, we proceed to Mickey's PhilharMagic - the first show that we watch on that day, It is a 4-D show, a very funny and exciting one! Especially when there's some water splash scene, we actually felt some water sprinkling at us! Haha!

Mickey's Philharmagic Stage.

After the show, we proceed to It's A Small World, which is actually a boat cruise. During the boat cruise, there're a few versions of It's A Small World song in different languages, and it was filled with many many many many dolls in many costumes and backgrounds from all over the world, such as Asia, Middle East, Europe, and so on. The whole boat cruise was so enjoyable because all the dolls are soooooooo cute! Just feel as if we turned back into kids.. Hehehe...

It's A Small World 1
It's A Small World 2
It's A Small World 3

More to come soon, in part 2!