Monday, June 30, 2008

Went to "tattoo"

There`s a street market help every last Sunday at the Upper Penang Road where theres alots of shops that sells variety of things. just like the 1 you get at the flea market at KL.

From selling foods and drinks to drawings to antiques to clothes. As we walked along, we saw this shop that do some "tattoing". Im tempted to do 1 but was kinda scared cause scared that my mum don`t like. Hehe.

But after i get my mum permission, we went on to choose the design and the lady start to draw the design on my hand.

Of cause, its not the real tattoo. Im scared if its a real 1 anyway. =P It was a henna drawing like those the Indians used to draw with.

Here she goes:

Start drawing....

1 design is up.....


Continue with the rest....

Almost done....

Taaadaaa....the outcome....

The lady said, the design can last up to two weeks...and for this design, it cost Woofy RM20. Theres a variety of design to choose with and the starting prince start from RM 10 from normal red henna that last for 1 and half weeks and also with glitters cost RM30 last for 1 and half weeks too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sudden crave...

Im craving for a bowl of "zhi ma wu" (black sesame paste) since last nite. I`ve been searching over the internet for dessert shop in Penang that sell the "zhi ma wu".

Finally, i found 1 dessert shop that sell this kind of dessert. So, we fast fast get ready and head to town as the shop will be closed at 10.30pm.

Then, upon reaching, i looked at d menu but theres no "zhi ma wu" or black sesame paste. So dissappointed. T___T

But, because that we have reached the shop and dont want to waste the petrol, we settled down with the menu.

The menu with no black sesame paste

Woofy ordered black congee with Longan (we called them as 'bee ko moi' in hokkien)

My mama ordered ginger extract with milk.

And me, ordered a double boiled papaya with almond.

But i only ate half of it cause i really really really want the 'zhi ma wu'.

Anyone living in Penang can tell me where i can have d 'zhi ma wu'??

Anyway, if you want to know, the shop is called Sugar Dynasty Food Delight. Located at Nagore Road.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy weather..

Lately, the weather in Penang went into crazy mode. Rain almost everyday. Although theres nothing to complain about coz who likes hot weather , right?

But it is that crazy cause it rained for a few minutes, then, Mr.Sun came out for a few minutes. Then Miss Rain come pouring her tears again. This routine like going on and on. Feels really weird.

I think its the same situation for other states as well? Whats really happening to this world now? 1st, ppl said that the iceberg at those South or North pole are melting. Then, somewhere in China facing flood. (shake head)

But anyway, must make full use of this cold weather at this moment to take a short nap. =P Keke.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fishie Face...

Hehe... I always thought that only human can show many funny funny 鬼马 face, but after a visit to Tesco's seafood department, I totally changed my mind.... Rupa-rupanya, fish also can show 鬼马 face 1... Keke...

Photos after the jump:

Wah... Scary face expression... This fish watch too much ghost movie d...

Hmm... This 1... The sembelit look... Haha...

Aiyok.... This 1 so kesian... D eye so deep inside, wonder if it can see properly anot...

Uiyo, garang face....

Fish are cute eh? :D

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh Fishies....

Im so happy when i heard from Apple who said that theres 1 newly open shop where they offered fish spa...Yea, its FISH SPA where you dip in ur feet for the fishies to bite.=P

I thought i need to go to KL in order to have 1 session of it but now, its available in Penang now. So happy. The shop is located at the lastest hang out place - New World Park. Thus, me and my friends went there to tried them out as they were offering introductionary price or promotion price at RM18 for 30 minutes.

The shop name - Happy Feet

The interior

Before you dip in ur feet, you need to go to the end of the shop to wash ur feet. This is to prevent smelly feet or dirty feet and will make the fishies sick or dirty the water.

The fishies - Garra Rufa Fish aka Dr. Fish

Fishies come bite bite

So many of `em

At the end of the session, your feet will have soft and clean feeling as the fishies bite off the dead skin at your feet. The shop has a great ambiance too with smoothing music. Great for hanging out with friends while having your feet massage and some cleansing.

The promotion ends at 16th of June. After that , the price will be at RM 28 for 30 minutes.

Fishies around the feet

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sleeping styles....

Its been sometime since i blog bout my lil` BoBo. I cant help it but i really wanted to post this up. Its all bout her sleeping style.

This is what i called the Kung Fu backflip style.

Following is the SuperDog style.

Then, its the CuteCute style.

(notice that she`s hugging the lil` bolster?)

This is the most cute of all, Sweet Sweet dream style.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My latest baby....^ v ^

Allow me to 'brag' for a moment. Hehe. After almost half a year of admiring my friend`s lover, finally, its my turn to own it. All thanks to Woofy. ( so happy )

My baby

My new PSP. Woofy bought it for me as my birthday present on the 1st of May ( my birthday ) hehe. Im torn between the blue and pink colour but in the end, i chose the pink 1.

My new baby - Pinkish so girly

Back view

So slim

D feeling is so nice when holding the PSP. So happy but now, im eying on PS3 cause my mum approve me to get 1. So, lets hope that Woofy gona get me 1 soon...Maybe, as my next year birthday present? so greedy...=P

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And now, i wana start trading too....

Yes, I wanna start trading now, after hearing from Meowy about a story. It seems impossible, but it's true! Have you heard bout the story that start from one red paperclips and after much trading with one and another that the final product that this person recieved is a house?

Don`t believe me, don`t you? Very unlogical and untrue ya?

The main character in this story is Kyle MacDonald. He is a Canadian. One day, an idea popped out in his mind - trading his red paperclip with another person for a more valuable thing.

The first thing he got as a return from the trade is a fish-shaped pen. With the fish-shaped pen, he then traded in for a hand-sculpted doorknob. Of course, the hand-sculpted doorknob is not enough for him. Through another successful trade exchange, he got himself a Coleman camp stove, then a Honda generator through the trading exchange with the Coleman camp stove.

Here comes a series of incredible trades:

With the Honda generator, he traded for a "Instant Party" set that consists an emtpy keg, beer and a "Budweiser" neon sign. And the next thing - it might sound too good to be true - he traded the Instant Party set for a snowmobile! Isn't that abit too "kua cheong"?? Within a week after he got the snowmobile, he exchanged it for a trip to British Columbia. Even before he managed to plan for the trip, the second person to the trip had offered him something that the value is much higher - a cube van! How insane these people can be!

About a month after that, he traded in the cube van for a recording contract with Canada's Metal Works, and then traded it to Jody Grant, an American singer. In return, he got a year's free rent for Jody's place. Even before he move in to the place he rented, he traded in the one-year-rent for an afternoon with Alice Cooper, an American rock singer.

After that, he gave up the chance to meet Alice Cooper, and traded the chance to get a KISS-motorized snow globe.(!!!!) With the special snow globe, he got himself a chance for a role in the film Donna on Demand. ( Astro On Demand, i know laa )

Then there comes the final trade - he traded the movie role opportunity for a house. YES, HE GOT A HOUSE! Crazy as it seems, but it is dead true. If you don't believe it, google for yourself - one redpaperclip. If it's not convincing enough, this news was aired in CNN, ABC news, and BBC news as well.

You can also try trading today, but success or not, no gerenti-lah. Reminder, do not trade with your smelly stockings. No one will want it. Ha ha