Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost 6 months.....

Its been like almost 6 months since my last post here. Been really tied up with lots of things. (work, studies, etc).

Really very tired lately. Dont have any heart to do anything else once i reached home after work everyday. Just wanna lie down and relax. Getting old,perhaps...>.<

There is so much to blog about but i really dont know where to start. I still have blog bout my holiday back in December where i finally fulfilled my dream of having a white christmas at Korea.

I havent even really blog bout my birthday. SO much to blog about.

Brain damage..haha...stuck already...

Guess, i will just stop here for the moment.

Take care everybody.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boring lame post...

Just realized that i`ve been neglecting this blog for 2 months already. Lazy lazy me. >.<

I think i`ll just summarize some of the event that happened for the past 2 months and do a back dated post later. Hehe...

Let see.....

October: Macam nothing much happened in this month except..Im back to college to further my studies. Finally i accomplished 1 of my goals since 2010. Hehe...Gonna "suffer" for the next 2 years..

November: Attended my 1st concert and its my favorite singer of all times - Faye Wong. Emm...nothing much happened in this month except that..Haha...Why my life so boring 1?

I think thats all for now. Time to work!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby(ies) no.2!

Whee...after waiting for 2 months since this, my most-est awaiting baby is here and its mine on 27th Aug 2011. So so so so happy. I have been bugging Woofy almost every week since he promise to get me 1. Hehe. =P

Been "lectured" abit when i said i wanted a new phone. This is because, he just got me my 1st smartphone 8 months ago in January this year. And now, i wanted a new phone again. But, its not my fault lor. He promised to buy me an Iphone or an Android phone earlier on but he conned me into getting the Samsung Wave. Keke...

This is my 8 month old Samsung Wave. (already changed ownership to Woofy`s sister)

 Two sets of Samsung Galaxy S2. One for me and one for Woofy.

 Ta-daa...My baby. Hehe

Loving it so much. Hehe. Wont be changing phone for 2 years. But, i guess i wont be needing any more "powerful" phone anytime soon. This is more than enough for me. 

Right now, im looking for accessories for my Baby S2. I wanted this so much.

 or this
but my colleague already got the Angel 1. Hmm...

So cute. Many colors to choose from too. Either White or Pink. But,where to buy? Buy online is so expensive. My colleague got her Angel at RM50. =O

Hmm...where to buy ar? If anyone of you know, please do tell me. Thanks in advance. =)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby(ies) is here!!

There are a few happy days happened last month. Thus, the title is as Baby(ies). =D

This post is for Baby no.1 which I`ve been waiting for so long and finally, she`s here. Hehe. A new member to our family!

Presenting my beautiful cute niece,Shanice Lim who`s born on 21st Aug 2011,2:52pm.

Till date, she`s 15days old now. She grew bigger day by day and cheekier everyday. For example, she dislike water so much that she will pretend to be sleeping if we fed her water. And, she`s super cranky if not given he r milk on time.

My sister said she likes water so much that her fav time is her bathing time that she will uses her legs to splash the water and laugh along. So cute. She`s easy to be taken care of to. Most of the time, she will be sleeping,sleeping and sleeping. When she woke up, its time for her milk and soon after that, she doze off again.

And, I notice something. She`s very sensitive to camera. Whenever I pointed camera at her, her eyes will look at the camera and stay still for me to shoot a picture of her.

Cant wait to bring her out and her to call me. Miss her so much now. Havent been seeing her for 2 days now. Cant wait to see her again.

Love you much,Shanice!