Thursday, June 28, 2007

Backie Backie...

Yeap...we`re back from our holiday...reached Penang on Monday night...It was a fun and enjoying trip...althou its short, but still Im having so much fun...

I had my 1st time moment during the trip (dun think senget haaa...) hee hee...will blog bout that later...and will post up some food we had during our trip also...

right now, its time to rush up my assignment....*sob sob*

so sad many assignments to little time...and Im being the usual me - LAZY

better stop here....=) Have a nice day everybody

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Will be away for few days....Going to KL...=) Back on Monday...

Have a nice weekend everyone....

See ya....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Something to ponder

Geez, I didn`t update this blog for 1 week already. Sucha lazy girl. Hee Hee. Anyway, as usual, how are you all? Fine? Happy? Whatever it is,hope you guys in the pinkiest of health and be happy everyday. =)

Well, I was watching this programme called Dr. Know on Astro yesterday. He is a real doctor ( according to him) and in his free time, he likes to discover and experiment new things. Its a 30 mins show and if you`re interested, you can catch the show every weekdays at 4pm.

Yesterdat topic was " Men are better driver than women". Is that a myth or d other way round. Therefore, he carried some experiment where he asked 4 guys and 4 gers to do his experiment. In the experiment, there are 4 groups of ppl which consist of 1 guys team (2 guys in 1 team), 1 gers team(2 gers in 1 team) and 2 mix teams (ger as driver and guy be navigator and the other 1 is a guy be driver and ger be navigator).

They are required to reach to a selected place and see which team reaches the destination 1st. As result, the mix team which the guy be driver and ger be the navigator reached the selected destination 1st.

For the experiment, it is known that guys are an agressive driver but they are not cautious enough. They dont have much sense of direction. And for women, they are more cautious but tend to be a more slow driver. But of course, this depends on individuals. Not everyone the same which make sense to me.

Therefore, Dr. Know says that the myth is false. So, what you think?

update: i secara tidak langsung ter-create this blog.

ps: Im not being bias or anything. Sorry if this post offended anyone here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The laziness in me strikes again as its been sometime since my last post. Duno why, but Im getting lazy nowadays. I seldom sit infront of my PC now. Its my bad-est bad-est habit.Must change must change. Hee hee...

So, hows everyone this few days? Doing good? I hope you guys do. =) Well, as for me, nothing new. Everything`s the same as before except the semester had begun. Meaning, Im starting attending classes now but still good as its my short semester now. Very short, only 7 weeks of classes. The only thing not good is, very rushy.

Anyway, I havent went to Chili`s as posted in my last post yet. Woofy`ve been very busy with his work. No time to go out also. No yummy food for me this week. =( *sobsob* Who wana bring me out for makan session ler?

Thats all for now. Laziness come again. Wanna take a short nap. I know i know, its only 12 +pm. But Im sleeply ler. Woke up at 8am today to fetch my grandpa to hospital. Been doing this quiet often nowadays.

Till next update. Have a nice day. =)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Chili`s in Penang...

Woofy told me that Chili`s is in Penang. Wow..!!! Izzit true? Chili`s wor? Then I faster go google and search search.

The result - positive. Chili`s really in Penang. They open an outlet at Gurney Place outside Gurney Plaza and beside Breeks.

I been to Chili`s once during my visit to KL last year. Geez, Im so happy laa. Hehe. You can get almost everything in Penang now except for some laa like Burger King (hopefully soon), Itallianies (said to be opened in Queensbay but till now nth yet) and etc....

This is what I had last year.....

The Appetizer - Salad

The ingredient for Fajitas

The sauces

Chili`s here i come...!!!! =) Woofy, lets go to Chili`s....keke....

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sunday`s Dinner

I wanted to go here for a meal long time ago but they dont have an outlet here in Penang. So, when Queensbay announced that they will open an outlet here, I`m so happy and always psycho Woofy to bring me there.

Last Sunday, Woofy bring me and my mama there for our dinner and to so-called celebrate that I got a good result for my examination last semester. All this long, Woofy will get me something if I did well in my examination. Hee hee....

So here its is, where we had our dinner on Sunday night and what we ate that night.....

At the MFM - Manhattan Fish Market.

The souces - Garlic, Chilli and Mayo where they served it to you upon reaching even before taking your order.

Soup of the day - Tomato soup (include an ice tea for RM8.90)

Our drinks - Icey Lemon Tea =P RM5.90 perglass (bottomless drink)

Woofy ordered this for us - Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two ( the portion is big enough to serve 3 person for small eater like us) at RM 42.90

The aftermath - shinny shinny "wok" nothing left....

Got something left but only the prawn shells....Keke

And the price to pay - RM 73.14 including government tax and service charge

If you`re interested in their menu, you can go here to have a look.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I saw.....


Can you guess can you guess? Hee Hee.....You`ll know if you listen to fm 98.8 =)

Give you clue....He`s a DJ from fm98.8 , you can listen to him on weekdays from 5pm to 8pm....Know who already? Scroll down for the answer....

Its KK , a radio DJ from 98.8 . We saw him few weeks ago outside Gurney Plaza. The whole crew are in town for some occation i think. He`s one of the many DJ from that station that I like to listen to.

"Sucha silly that also happy..." thats what my mama said to me when i went back home n told her about it... =.=

Anyway, Happy 25th mth anniversary to Woofy...hee hee...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My toy collection - Hello Kitties

Anyone here likes to collect toys? May it be McD's toys, Lego or etc?

Well, I love to collect toys and which is why, I have a lot of toys now. My mama always says this, "Next time if got not job, you can go open a shop that sell toys already" Hee hee....

Anyway, today, I would like to introduce my Hello Kitties family to you all and here it is....

Taadaa...!! My Hello Kitties collection....

Cute aren't they? I collect these kitties since my primary school and guess where i bought them? Well, I bought them from kedai runcit lor. Hee hee. Why, you ask me. Cuz its a free gift from purchasing ice-cream.

Last time, during my time that is. There is this ice-cream with Hello Kitty theme. The cup of the ice-cream is pink in colour 1 with lots of Hello Kitty character on it. There is 2 section in the cup of ice-cream. The 1 section is of cuz the ice-cream and the 2 section is where the Hello Kitty located. Its Rm2 for 1 cup.

For the 1st few times, for being NOOB, I kept getting the same kitties. After that, Im getting "expert". I opened the 2nd section to check on the kity to see if its the I that I need or not before buying it. Clever eh? Keke...

After few weeks, then I finally collect them all but with some of my cousin's help coz he gave me one of his kitties which i cant find it. So nice of him...=)

Ps: Actually my collection is not complete yet. Did you notice there`s one character that is the same? Hee Hee...

Monday, June 4, 2007

Continuiation From My Seafood Week...

Hee hee...after the previous post, I had my seafood dinner again last thursday. But this time, Woofy took us ( me and my mama) to a much more look aliked seafood restaurant located at the famous beach in Penang - Gurney Drive.
There`s this kinda famous restaurant called Bali Hai (dun misread k, I didnt type wrongly) Hee hee. Anyway, Woofy ordered my favourite dishes which is Balitong and also Kepah ( somesort of clam) and a plate of broccoli with 3 plates of rice.

The restaurant which you`ll never missed it if you`re around Gurney Drive coz of the bright neon lights.

The main dish - Balitong

Kepah (duno called what in english =( )

Vege - Broccoli

The food are yummy. All those for RM39.60 which include 5% of government tax and also 5% of service charge. Woofy said its not that expensive wor consider it as a restaurant at tourists' place.

Its Been Some Time....

Been some time didn't blog already. So fast, it`s the month of June, middle of the year. Time do flies fast, arent they?

Anyway, its been sometime too that i didn't blog bout food. So, let me start my 1st post in the month of June with yummy yummy food.Hee Hee.

I`ve been having seafood as my dinner for 2 weeks in a row now but not on daily basic laa... Its on weekly.It started when I told Woofy that I wana eat "chut-chut" (dats what i called Balitong). So, he brought me and my mama to a restaurant located at town to eat that night.

And this is what we had as our dinner that nite.....

The Balitong

Grilled Stringray ( its very very spicy lor)

Its kinda cheap for those thou. It just cost us for RM19 for both Balitong and the grilled stringray.Then Woofy ordered this as side dishes as he scared that I might not be full by just eating the Balitong and Grilled Stringray.

Some sort of Taiwanese food. Forget the name already but duno called what bento

That Taiwanese food also kinda cheap for that kinda portion that includes fried chicken with cheese, vegetables, egg and rice. Its just at RM8 and it comes with a soup too.

ps: is the picture above small? cuz from what im previewing, the picture is kinda small. =(