Monday, March 24, 2008

A rather weird weekend !!!

Last weekend was the F1 week which was held at Sepang, KL. But, instead of like the usual last 2 years of watching the race over there, Im watching at home. It just feel so weird for me. The uumphh was not there. No fun at all.

What more, my hero 2007 F1 world champion, Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari won the race and Im not there to see his handsome face. Wasted !!! Urrgghhhh!!!! But Im happy that he actually won the race after his maiden victory at the very same track 5 years ago. So, hooray for Kimi. =)

My Hero - Kimi

But, on the race day itself, I did not watch the live race on tv. Instead, I went to Queensbay with my dad and mum and with my cousin. Me and my cousin went to watch movie while my dad n mum went to "pak-tor" while waiting for us to finish our movie. Hehe.

My and my cousin went to watch this movie called Dr. Seuss` Horton Hears Who.

This movie is about Horton the elephant who hears a small speck talking to him and the small speck is actually a tiny city called the "Who-ville",inhabited by microscopic-sized inhabitants known as Whos. And it showed how Horton tried to save them and protect them from harm. Its a very nice and funny movie. Must watch it if you havent. (geez, im sucks at giving preview)

Anyway, after watching the movie, we went on to find my dad n mum. As we went down to the groundfloor, we saw this !!!!

The Ferrari F1 car and the car bears the number......

1 !!!which means, this is the 2007 world champion F1 car that was driven by Kimi Raikkonen and its the very car that won last year championship.

Its not that bad after that i did not attend the Sepang race. Hehe.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Outing which resulted to body ache....!!!!

Yesterday, we had a fun outing, but the outcome is bad - we had terrible body ache! But really worth it... This is where we go:

Actually we planned to go there a week earlier, but we postponed the plan because of certain reasons (U know I know lah, 1 day after election wor... Keke) . We left Penang at 11am, and reached there around 1 hour later.

The main door of the resort.

The whole resort is quite big, including hotels and apartments, waterpark, ecopark, the famous big lake and the orang utan island. But on that day, our main purpose is only the waterpark. Orang utan..... Next time lah. Keke...

The tickets for the waterpark is RM21 for adult, RM16 for children aged 12 and below, RM0 for kids below 90cm, and RM7 for senior citizens aged 55 and above. After bought tickets, we went to rent floats and lockers before we head to the pools.

The first pool we went is the Monsoon Lagoon Wave Pool. Nothing much special with the pool, except that the water there is so salty, even more salty than the real sea water!! Ptui ptui... We ter-taste the water when we were there playing, and the salty-ness of the water really sent shivers to our nerves.

The next pool we went is the Giant Bubble Pool. The center of this pool has a big half ball shape thingy, and it allows you to climb up to the top with the aid of ropes around, quite fun actually, especialy when you are climbing to the ball top on the slippery surface. Keke...

The Giant Bubble Pool.

Later, we went to play at the slide pools. Those pools were not that exciting until we went to this Boomerang.

The Boomerang.

Caution to those who are afraid of heights and has heart disease: DO NOT PLAY THIS BOOMERANG. Meowy and her cousin went up there to play first, and it seems that it was not that thrilling. Then I decided to go for a try after Meowy told me that it was kinda fun. As I reached the top of the station, my legs started to become abit shaky. When I sat on the specially designed float, I was trying to examine how high and steep the Boomerang is. Before I managed to imagine the height, OMG -- the lifeguard already push me off from the station. The moment I slide down from the steep, steep slide, my mind was blank, and I could only yell as the adrenaline rush to my whole body! Heck, it was such a fun! Keke...

Then, we proceed to the activity pool. There, Meowy's dad taught us how to swim (Paiseh ha, we dunno how to swim 1... Keke... ). After learning for some time, we finally managed to swim! Huhuhu... Such a nice feeling when we finally know how to swim... Keke...

At around 3.30pm, we decided to leave as everyone is getting tired already. Nevertheless, it was such a fun outing, with our skin burnt as a result of prolonged exposure to sun. Body ache as well, but worth it! Hehe...

Definitely will go there again. Our next to-go destination: The Orang Utan island. Will pay there a visit when we have time!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eventful 3Days: 15th of February (Part 2)

Continued from part 1...

When the night comes, the scene turned to be even more beautiful with the lighting! We took quite a number of photos around Kek Lok Si, from the Guan Yin statue to the Pagoda. Photos after the jump:

The view of Guan Yin statue during night time.

The view of the Pagoda from outside the entrance.

The main entrance of the Pagoda.

Inside the Pagoda area, at the main temple.

The view of Pagoda from the entrance. The lighting is so beautiful!

The steps to the Pagoda.

The surrounding of the Pagoda. Nice!

It took us more than 1 hour to visit the main temple and the Pagoda area. We didn't go into the Pagoda as we need to pay a few bucks for the entrance fee. We left Kek Lok Si at 10 plus to go for our dinner. Hmm... How I wish I can have a better camera and take more nicer photos...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wind of Change - A New Era in Malaysia's Politics

8 March 2008. A historic day. For the first time, the opposition party claimed 5 states. For the first time, the National Front faced such huge loss in the nation's general election. For the first time, the opposition party surprisingly taken two of the National Front's strongholds - Perak and Selangor. Before this, there's not even a slight hint that the opposition party has such surge of strength to win so many seats. Now, the invincible image of the National Front has shattered to pieces.

To me, this might not sound as bad as it appears to. At least, this is the time for the ruling party to wake up and realise that people are not satisfied with the current government, and seeking for a change. The people's awareness are higher, and become more active in seeking a better governance.

Now, what we hope is that the National Front will take this lesson well, be more humble and be more efficient in ruling the country. Run policies that benefit people too, not only for the government. For the Opposition Front, hope that you are not giving blank cheques to people who put their trust in you.

Lets be calm, and hope for a better future.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mama !!!

Its my beloved mama birthday today. I wanna wish my mama a very :

Happy Birthday and wish her always in the pinkiest of health and that I love my mama very much....=)