Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year That Is (2009)

This year has been a good and bad year for me. But no matter how bad it was, its an experience, a journey for me. I learn from it. People said, when we gain something, we lost something. But thats life right?

We cant be greedy. I duno really know what i wana say also. Shall blog bout this more tomorrow or when i got time.

Happy 2010 , everyone!!! Have a great 1....

See you guys next year...

Friday, December 4, 2009

What`s my life gotta do with other people?

Why cant i live my life the way i wan without people interfering my life?

My parents never say anything but support my decisions and why you keep complaining?

Its not that I ask money from my parents?

Stop praising yourself and make others life miserable.

Its my life and I have control over it. I can do whatever I want without crossing the limit.

Just keep your mouth shut!!!!!!

**** Sorry for this post. I just wan to rant out my feelings now*****

Friday, November 27, 2009


Haiz...Now Im in dilemma...

Caught in between and don`t know how to choose...There`s so many pathway for me but which 1 is suitable for me? What is there infront waiting for me? Im scared that I choose wrongly....

Should I just work 1st then decide everything later? Or should I continue my studies for 2 more years before I head to working life?

But if I study, which course should I take up? Professional certificate - CFA or continue my master degree?

How? I really don`t know which path to choose. Someone please gimme some direction/idea/etc.

My head is cracking........

Thursday, November 12, 2009

KL Trip - 29th Oct to 1st Nov

My convocation was on the 31st of Oct but I went to KL earlier on the 29th as I wanted to settled everything before the date line. Actually, there was a rehearsal for the convo on the 30th but I got an interview with OSK on that day itself. So, I forgo the rehearsal and went to the interview.

Everything was new to me. My first time in mostly everything. Going places in KL was chaotic. Endless of grumbles and angers. Sigh. But it was fun. Gain alot of memories as well as knowledge. Reminder : Must get a GPS next time. Hehe.

Parents came to KL on the 30th. Wanted to bring them to 1U that nite but somehow, I ended ourselves at Sunway Piramid. Haha. Funny, rite? Then, we had our dinner at Wong Kok.

Saw a lot of ghosts and mummies that nite as they were celebrating Halloween. Wanted to get into the feel and I got this for us. Hehe. Doughnut from the famous Krispy Kreme with Halloween theme.

Then, we went back to our hotel at Putrajaya. Swt. Damn far and tiring ride for me. Cuz basically, since I reached KL, all I did was drive drive and drive. My legs damn pain. Zzzzzz.

31st Oct was my big day. Woke up early at 6am to prepare as the ceremony start at 7:30am. *post pic later, ok* hehe.

After the ceremony, we checked out from the hotel and went to chek into another hotel at PJ. Another hell ride for me cuz I don`t know how to go. But lucky, Woofy was there to guide me and managed to reach the hotel. Haiz. Dramatic.

Then, I bring my parents to place that I am more confident of which is the KL town. Easy water. Keke. =P Brought them to KLCC. Haha.

Soon, it was ard 11 plus, when I suddenly wanted to go to SS2 for thong sui. And there we go. Hehe. thong sui at KTZ. Yummy sial. Met my "bf" and we chatted awhile before he led me back to the hotel. Owe him big one.

On the final day of our trip, I finally able to bring parents to 1U and before we left to PG, I bring them to Ikea where mum bought a few pans and pots. Haha. And, I helped my friend to buy a dozen of drinks back. Swt. Haha.

We makan and minum during our time at 1U. Haha. Ate to much though. =P As I walked around, I saw this small shop selling Lok -Lok, 1 stick for RM1. So, i draged my cousin sis to join me for a small session. Hehe.

After that, we walked around again. And I saw this cute thong sui shop and I wanted to try again. There we goes. Haha.

This is called " Yeong Chi Kam Lou" Heard bout this on drama but 1st time try this. kinda yummy. Pamelo with mango and sago.

This is mum`s "Ginger with Milk"

Conclusion : It was a kinda hectic trip for us but we enjoyed ourselves very much. Hope theres more trip for us as family.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Im back from my convo in KL. Before that, thanks Woofy for the previous post. =) Appreciated.

Its my 1st time drive to KL alone in my precious BB car. Not knowing any roads at KL, and I manage go to places in 1 piece. HAHA.

Went to an interview on Friday den after that, straight go to LCCT to pick up mum, dad and my cousin sis. It was a fun trip for us and a trip for us as family in duno how many years.

Major transformation is happening now. I hope I made the correct decision. I`ll blog bout this soon. Tml will be my convo studio session with my family. Will upload the pictures soon.

Stay tune oh!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 October 2009 - A Day To Remember

Today is a memorable day - It's the graduation day of Meowy!!! Hehe... Finally Meowy finished her degree studies... So happy for her! This makes me remember of her university days when I used to bring her go for breakfast together, having McDonalds breaky before sending her for morning class. And at times, I will bring her for a quick tea after her late noon class before sending her back home. I can still remember fondly how she prepares for her exams... Hehe... Those were the days... So memorable. Hehe...

Meowy is a playful cheeky (and manja also :P) girl, but she is a good student. She did really put her efforts for the exams, and of course, the results are good (even better than me, hohoho :P). Although subjects during second year and third year are more difficult, yet she aimed higher and higher, and getting good results, despite studying subjects that are difficult.

Meowy, woofy is very proud with you. Hugs n kisses to you, hehe...

Congratulations, Meowy! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blogging @ workplace

Wow...Again, I neglected this blog for a long long time...Guess its time to do some spring cleaning on this blog ady...

Im so free today that i got nth much to do...Finished up my work ady, and Im left surfing the net and updating this blog...Keke...Hope nobody saw me doing this...=P

Its unusually quiet at office today...Not much phone ringing, not much people walking up and down....Very peaceful that make me wana sleep...Hehe...

Cant wait till lunch time cause im HUNGRY already...haiz...

Working life is kinda boring at times...Keep repeating the same routine...Wake up, prepare to go to work, work, wait for lunch time, den back from lunch time, wait for tea time, den wait for the time to go home.... Then, the cycle goes again for the next 5 dayz....

Makes me wana go back to study again in which i will...Probably by end of this year or early next year...Hope I can achieve my goal...

Hmm...There`s an outing tonite...Cant wait for it too...Counting down for lunch time now...hehe... in 1 hour and 40 minutes....=P

Till then, take care...!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Finally after 2 and half years....After all my hard work....After all the exams that I`ve gone through...After all the sleepless nites....

I. Am. Going. To. Graduate.!!!!! YAY...

I can finally fulfill my promise that I made to mum....I did not let my family down. I finally can make my family esp my dad and mum proud of me....=)

Can`t wait for the day to be here....Where mum and dad can witness their precious daughter graduate and wear the robe to receive the scroll....


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its Complicated

There`s alot of things happened lately. Sumthing I dont understand and weird. It all happened in workplace and 2 ppl in the same department.

First case, here is this guy, lets call him P.. He was caught "fooling" around in the office and chatting with me during work hours helping his friend to pursue me and "brain wash" my mind. After chatting with him for sometime, I told him that the matter is between me and his friend, and we will settle the problem ourselves and ask him to do his work. After that, there was some complain about him and since then, he was not on talking terms with me.

I dont know what happened but its very weird. I dont understand.

Then , this second case, there was this guy, lets call him, D. Frankly, I feel that he`s kinda cool that he dont really talk much in the office and i ask him for his skype and msn. At 1st, we were just Hi-Bye friend and nothing much happened until 1 day that he helped me with my personal thing.

Then, we started to sms each other quite often. Come one fine day, that he asked me out for movie in which i reply him ok but not confirm. However, my close friend whom working in same department with him knew bout this and said that i`ve cheated on her. She said that i`ve hurted her feelings.

What happened? I did wrong? What is happening actually? I really dont know.

I feel so sux right now. For being treated like that. Can someone help me????

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grounded? Curfew? Protected?

Hmm...For those who know me well, they will know that Im the only child in my family. Which means, Im very well taken care by both of my parents especially my mum. And, Im very very much appreciate with what they have been giving me all this long. Their concern, love, care ....everything...

For, I know they want me to have the very best of everything that they can give me. So, Im very well "protected" by them. Im not boasting but sometimes, I do feel that its a little too over "protected" that I feel pressure at times.

For instance, I don`t always have the privillages to go out late nite with my friends or having nite life like most of my friends. However, I do understand the motive or intention by my parents. Their reason is being simple : they simply do not want their only child to be hurt by people or being bullied by other people. They scared for my safety. I really do understand.

I was given some green light from mum this few months for going out late nite with friends but however, i was given some time frame where i needed to be home by a certain time. But, most of the time, i failed to do so cause , i misuse the opportunity. And its my bad. But , i really enjoyed the time and will got home later than the time given by mum. Most of the time, i was laughed by my friends saying that im Cinderella cause i need to be home before 12 am.

I know some might say ' Aiya, go talk with your parents laa" etc...But, I just dont have the heart to talk to my mum about it. I know she will get upset and unhappy and feel uncomfortable. So, in the end, i just be like a sponge and absorb everything. I am very afraid that my parents especially mum said " Ok, i dont and wont control you anymore" or " Ok, from now onwards, you can do whatever you like. I dont care anymore". Im very scared whenever she said that to me.

I never really been to any midnite movies at cinema. The only time where i can go out till late nite is only when parents are following. Haiz....

Deep down in me, I just hope sometimes, I do have the time to enjoy like everyone else. I dont want to regret in the future. But, i know i can just hope and dream about it.

No matter what, I still love my parents and appreciate for all they are giving me. And, i know i shouldnt rant or complain. But , HAIZ....!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ladies Nite @ QE2

I finally broke my principle of not going to any pub last nite. I joined a bunch of my friends to QE2 the latest hang out place. The place consist of restaurant/pub which is kinda cool.

Every Friday is Ladies Nite from 8:30pm to 10:30pm which means, FREE drinks for ladies and guys - sorry lo, hafta pay. =P

** sorry, no picture cuz was using fren`s camera **

It was a fun nite as its our group reunion. Haha. Been sometime since we went out together and took pictures. Catching up with each other and talked all the nite tru.

Hmmm... Its fun to go out with a bunch of ur besties and relaxed once in a while. So, i guess, we`ll be doing dat some time later. =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new Baby....

Im so damn happy today (pardon my language) Im really really happy. Actually, Im happy since yesterday.

I finally brought my Baby home today. I saw her yesterday and i ask the person in charge to keep her and take care of her for me. She`s such a cutie and adorable.

Now, finally after 2 years of being lonely, my beloved baby got sister to accompany her d. Hehe....

Let me intro to you all, my latest baby...

The new model of Sony Ericsson T707 .

This is how she looks.

On how her look from the inside.

This is how she looks when some1 called.

I love flips phone and SE brand. Thus, when I 1st saw her, I already fell in love with her already and waiting for her arrival. When I knew the model was here, I went to ask for the price and was disappointing to know that the color that i want is not arrive yet.

So, I wait and wait and finally, the color that I wanted was arrive yesterday and without hesitation and much thinking, i went to pay deposit for her and said that will pay the rest today.

And, there she was, safely with me. So happy. And, currently, Im owing 2 of my favorite Babies.

On top : My curreny Baby - Z610i Bottom : My latest Baby - T707

Cant wait to take her out with me. ^o^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sorry for the long hiatus....I`ve been really really lazy lately...=P totally no mood to blog...or i got much to blog thou...

Anyway, hows everybody now? Some update on me on point form....

  • For me, Im doing fine...happy with my work...happy with everything...having great friends at workplace...great boss who always make me laff at work....=)
  • Currently hooked up with blogshop lately....looking and order clothes online...1st time doing so....kinda brave eh? =P cant wait to see my orders....hopefully i dun get con cuz of this...
  • Going out pretty often with friends and family....start going to cinema after so long...=)
Alot of things happened lately, makes me think pretty sure things will get better as time goes by...and i started to write some messages on my know, those short message that create by`s one of them where i put it as my skype shoutout...

"We started as friends but something happened inside where I started to dream about the day where you treat me like a rose and make me your princess where we begin our little love story just like how it was written in the stars."

Whaddaya think? Gimme some opinion...kie??

Monday, July 6, 2009

Spend!! Spend!! Spend!!

Ever since i start working, i`ve been spending like nobody business...Haihz...I cant seem to save up my money even though i gave my salary to my mum after i withdraw them...

For example, I crazily went to the car accessory shop to shop for this.....

Yea...i change my car`s steering wheel...which cost me RM270 inclusive of laboring as well as the honk wiring....

And, my spending spree doesn`t stop there. But, I`l leave it for next post. Else, i got nth much to blog bout... Hehe

However, on the happy note, I FINALLY FINISHED MY REPORT!!! Yay...!!! Feel so relieved now...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ooops....i did it again....

I neglect my blog again...I wonder if there`s still anyone who read this blog of mine...=(

Its my bad...haiz...So many things happened lately..

MJ passed away, Farrah Fawcett passed away, a part of me died too because of some incident, something very scary happened to me in office...etc...haiz...

Feel so down and lost lately....but luckily, i managed to get myself up again to faced all my problems....I think Im getting more stronger in terms of my thinking now....which is a good thing...

I went out alot lately too...Started with last Friday, my friend invited me to joined a cocktail party...later, went to Coffee Island over a cuppa with friends...went home around 1 ++...haha...its been sometime since i went out that late...I enjoyed myself very much...=)

Then , on Sat, went to Red Box with friends....But got home kinda early that nite due to some unwanted incident...Sad day for me thou....but its ok...I`ll learnt from my mistake...

On Sunday, went out again around 3pm+ with cousins and cousin`s gf...later went to Seoul Garden for dinner...where we laugh and play and enjoyed ourselves...Its fun to hang out with the people that you love....

Its really been sometime since i went out to relax myself and have fun...I guess i should do this more often...hehe...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Short update...!!

Been really busy lately...

Need to submit my report to uni at the 3rd of July and I`m running out of time..Someone please help me...!!!

Anyway, received a kinda good unconfirmed news from my senior...It began with a simple question from the department head from the company that i`m doing my training with now...

Him : Have you finished your studies?
Me : Yes
Him : What are you going to do after your training here? looking for job?
Me : Yea. Looking for a job.
Him : Ok. See if you like the working environment here....

Then, he walked away. Weird guy....haha...I felt something is going cause he dont usually talk to me that way. Then, i went to tell the incident to my senior. He then went to have a chat with the department head and he came back with....

Senior : He wants your resume.
Me : What for?
Senior : Cause we wanted to make you a permanent staff here....
Me : must be kidding....

Hmmm....i wanted to believe its true...but i wanted to have confirmation 1st...hehe...

Hopefully, there will be a good news on the way for me...=)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Disappointed, Sad...

While I was at work today, i received a call from Hartamas company from Kuala Lumpur. They informed me to attend an interview tomorrow as i had applied a scheme under GEMS.

At 1st I was really happy bout it cause i`ve been waiting this for so long and its a really good offer as i can work in the government sector after i completed the training with them. But, the problem is, I CANT ATTEND THE INTERVIEW!!!!!

As a trainee, im not allowed to take any leave unless its really really really emergency. And, i, myself, throw away my golden chance. Feeling so down now. =(


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time is flying!!!

Wow, its been almost 1 month since i started my internship. Time does goes by fast, huh?

In this past 1 month, i do learn alot from my senior. He`s taught me alot of things. Really thankful to him. My colleagues all are very nice and kind to me. I think im already used to the working environment now im slowly adapting the culture there.

Well, some ask me what kind of job im actually doing? Actually, im working in a property company under the loan side. My scope is determine which of the property that need to do refinancing, getting the lowest interest rate for the property, how to save on those interest etc. So, im dealing more with bankers from various banks where i constantly need to keep in touch with them to get the latest package of loans.

Besides that, i also deals with lawyers or solicitor to get part of the loan process done. Getting the strata title, etc. I also deal with a lot of other people from other sector such as valuers, insurance ppl.

I`ve been given more work to do now which im kinda happy of. At least, im not that boring sitting there like a statue.=P

The month is coming to an end now. Which means, salaray/allowance will be out soon....And i`ll bea hearing * kkkhhhchhiinnnggg* in my account. Hahaha...Happy...!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Its over!! Its over!!

Yay!! Its finally over. I received my exam result today which means Im officially done with my studies.

Result was good according to mum but i was a little bit disappointed. =( and =) at d same time. Im so hard to please. I got 3 As and 1 B but I aimed for 4 As.

Arrghh..=(so disappointing. but who to blame right? Who ask me dowan work a little more hard.

Duno what to feel also. Haiz

Thursday, May 21, 2009


OMG..I cant believe it.... Why?? Why??

Kris Allen won the season 8 of American Idol instead of Adam Lambert. As you noticed by now, yeah, im a Glambert`s fan...Im so disappointed to know that he din win. I even ask my colleague to let me use her pc to see d live blog over it.

Urghhh!!! In my opinion, i felt dat Adam deserved to be crown rather than Kris although Kris is a nice and talented guy but Adam is on a higher level.


On a happy note : YAY...its Friday tomorrow...yay yay

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The past 1 week & Happy Mother`s Day....

I abandoned my blog again...=(

Been busy that have no time to blog...So, been working for 1 week now. Feel so weird. Cause its so different from what I`ve gone tru all this long but i think i can adapt to this situation.

Its so boring during the 1st week there cause i was given nothing to do except for reading through past documents and learning how to apply loans etc.

My supervisor told me that from next week onwards, theres more things for me to do and wont be so boring anymore. haha...He also know that im boring over there. =P

Anyway, I guess i very "weak" lor. Cause hor, after 1 week of work, i fell sick with high fever lor at 39.5 celcius. Parents bought me to see doctor and getting better now.

Haihz...tomorrow is a working day again. Sienz....=( Pray that the days faster goes by and soon, its Saturday again!!!


Ooooo...Its Mama`s Day today. Wish every Mama in this word a very Happy Mother`s Day...

To my Grandma,

Happy Mother`s day to you. Thank you for bringing my mama, ur daughter in this word. Without you, i wunt have such a wonderful, caring, loving mama. Thank you so much.

To my beloved mama,

Mama, i know im not a good girl. I know there are times where i behave badly. Thank you for being patient with me and shape me into who i am today. Thank you for ur unconditional love to me, your caring and concern towards me. I dont know how am i going to repay you but i will do my best to play my part being your daughter. I love you,mama. Happy Mother`s Day!!!

Till then, happy dayz everyone!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advance birthday present....

Just came back from another interview. I`ll definitely go for this one as the offers is better and I got friend working with me. So good. This is a good birthday present for me. Hehe. They put me in Accounting department. Hope i can cope with that. =P So, i`ll be start going for my 1st official work on this Monday.

Everything went very well today. The interviers are very good to me especially the HR manager. He`s so cute and funny. Haha...He even wish me 'Happy Birthday' so cute...

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday...!!! Wish me oh...=P (tak tau malu me...hehe)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Wow...Its been sometime since i last blogged.

So, hows everybody? Getting very well, i hope...=)

Im currently very busy with my studies as exam is ongoing now. However, i just left with 1 final paper which fall on the 2nd of May. So, can relax abit right now. Hehe.

Alot of things happened since last week. Let do some recap :

20th April :
Attended my 1st ever formal interview in my life. Kinda exciting though. Hehe. I think the interview went quiet ok and Im still waiting for the confirmation if i got it or not. Hopefully, i got a positive answer from them.

21st April :
Went to my 2nd interview with another company where they decide to hire me on the spot but im not happy with it. There are some factors that i dont like. But i cant be so choosy right? But if given other options, i definitely wont choose that company although im placed in a good division or department.

22nd - 23rd April :
Stay at home doing revision for up coming exam.

24th April :
Had the 1st paper for the final. I guess i do quiet well in it. Got confidence to score on that paper. Hope my assumption is correct on this. Hehe...

25th - 26th April :
Doing revision

27th April :
Had the 2nd paper but i dont think i did very well in it. Hmmmm. Kinda sad though. Dont think can get a very good score in that paper. =(

28th April :
Had my 1st finance paper today. Did ok but still dont think its enough. Haiz....What am i doing? =(

Need to stay focus on my last paper for my degree. Time flies fast huh? 2 years just gone like that. Still remember that 2 years ago, i started my degree and now, its coming to an end. My study life will come to end for now. Period. As i wont stop studying and will keep studying in the future, just dont know when.

I gave myself a time line for 2 years before i start studying again. Hope i can achieve my goals. Hehe..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don`t understand....

Sometimes, its really hard to understand what`s on people`s mind.

There is this family that living at the block that im staying. Lately, they bought a little doggy same breed as my doggy - a minpin. She`s very tiny and cute too. At 1st, they are very loving towards the doggy. Every evening, you will see them walking the doggy, taking the doggy to do her business. The doggy used to lived inside of the house.

But, things changed now. You no longer can see them walk the doggy and the doggy now stay outside of the house - outdoor. She`s still very small and over here, it rained almost every nite. Imagined that : a small doggy out in the cold with just those cupboard for shelter. Even my doggy stay indoor, whenever it rained, she also feel cold. How about that little doggy? Its so heartache seeing her.

And, i cant even do anything but hope she will be alrite on her own. I dont understand at all. If you are not ready to have pet, dont brought them home. Dont torture them that way. Show them care and love, not leave them like that.

Is there anything i can do to help that doggy? I dont want that doggy to suffer like that. Its not a right way to treat a doggy. She`s not a working dog, not meant to leashed her outside.

Everytime, when i think of her being treat that way, i cant help but tears will slowly shed out. I really feel so sorry for her.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I think Im current having my sort of crisis at this moment. There is so much of uncertainties that im going to face and i don`t know how im supposed to do.

For instant, I`ll be soon finishing my studies and my final exam for my degree will start in few weeks time and i have yet started my revision. Then, im currently looking for a place for my internship and i found a job that i like and longed for. Waiting sucks !

However, im not ready for doing internship yet although i wanted to finish up my studies and wanted to graduate real soon. There is this feeling in me that makes me so uncomfortable.

All my 2X years, i`ve done nothing except for: sleeping, eating,enjoying life, schooling etc....

All i do after my form6 is just studying and having fun. Imagine : wake up at 10am +, went to market with mum, went shopping with mum after breakfast, went home and relax till dinner time...Then start all over again the next day. Im used to that kinda life and out of sudden, i need to work?

I mean, i know i have to work and i cant be like that forever. but, i just get my self used to that situation at this moment. By just thinking of my routine in the future, give me a chill down my spines.

Haihz. Time is all i need, i guess.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad bad days...!!!

Its been a bad days for me lately...First of all, Im stuffed with loads of assignment which need my immediate attention. To make things worst, my very "faithful" internet connection which is the STREAMYX sucked major time, where the connection decided to give up on me and leave me without internet for days....

How am i supposed to do my assignments??? Thank you so much for ruin everything, Streamyx. You SUCKED major time !!! So angry with them...

Luckily, Woofy got me the Celcom duno what plan that enable me to connect to the internet and here`s me - still doing my assignment at this hour and typing this post out.

Im so sleepy and tired now but what can i do??

Thats all for now, need to rush my assignment that i need to hand in by tomorrow...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Drama review : EU (學警狙擊)

Phewww.... Finally I`ve finished watching the 30 episodes long of EU (學警狙擊) which is the 3rd installments after 2005`s The Academy (學警雄心) and 2nd installment 2007`s On The First Beat (學警出更). With the main cast starring Ron Ng, and Sammual Chan from the original series and adding new cast such as Michael Miu, Micheal Tse, Kathy Chow and also singer-cum-actress, Elanne Kong.

In my opinion, the show stealer definitely went to the performance of Tse's character, Laughing. He is so popular among the drama or EU`s fans especially since *SPOILER AHEAD*

Laughing Gor died in episode 22 where fans actually created a facebook group to mourn over his loss. I even cried when watching that scene.

The ending especially episode 29 and 30 is exceptionally interesting and exciting. But with some flaws towards the end but still good. To those who want to know, its a rather open ending with a room for 4th installment coming up. (Confirmed there will be a 4th installment)

Its been sometime since TVB drama give me the anticipation to catch every single episode since Moonlight Resonance. Give this drama a try, its worth it...Hehe...

Anyway, this is the synopsis i extract from Wikipedia...

After ten years behind the bars in Taiwan, Kong Sai-Hao (Michael Miu) finally returns to Hong Kong. Other than the hope to find his daughter Yau-Yau (Elaine Kong) to mend their relationship, he also plans for revenge. On one hand, he pretends to surrender to triad boss To Yik-Tin (Lam Lee), the man who caused him to be jailed. On the other hand, he tries to gain trust from police officers Chung Lap-Man (Ron Ng) and Lee Pak-Kiu (Sammul Chan). Lee refuses to have a criminal as his friend, but Chung becomes close to Kong to gain inside information about To's activities. To keeps a close watch on Kong but purposely shows that he trusts Laughing (Michael Tse) more and intentionally puts him in a high position, but Kong uses To's wife Ching Yeuk-Sam (Kathy Chow) in the organization as an influence to help Kong rise up the ranks. To is killed and Kong ascends to become the head of the triad. Later, Chung becomes an official undercover agent for the police force with the intention of exposing Kong's triad crimes. He isolates himself from Lee in order to protect his undercover identity.

Just when Kong thought that he was in control, his drug business fails. Kong discovers that the people he trusted the most had betrayed, tricked and used him.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The heaviest far....

Came across to this shop where the owner sells the most heaviest noodle i`ve ever seen so far...

Apparently, the noodle weigh about 1 tonne.... Wonder how the noodle tasted like....


Happy Monday, everyone!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Edelweiss Cafe @ Penang

Edelweiss Cafe is the only Swiss restaurant in Penang. I`ve heard about this restaurant long time ago but don`t really have the time to search for it until we passed by the restaurant early this year during the CNY`s open house.

Then, I started to plan to bring my mum to the restaurant on her birthday but the restaurant was closed on every Monday, so, we postponed to plan to the weekend which is on last 2 Saturday. So, together with mum, my cousin, Woofy and me, we are there for dinner.

The entrance is nicely decorated with lots of greenery.

Upon entering, the interior are decorated with antiques.

Then, we ordered some of the restaurant specialties. And, this is the food that we ordered.

Appetizer- Salad with thousand island sauce

Cheese fondue
the combination of cheese and white wine which are imported from Switzerland. (RM 75)
Mum`s pork ribs.
nicely grilles ribs with special sauce (RM29)

Bratwurst sausage
similar with German sausage which can also be dipped in the cheese fondue (RM28)

Woofy's Rosti Mit Bacon and Egg
pizza-look-alike with sunshine egg and bacon and lots of onion (RM20)

And, the drinks that we ordered.

Woofy`s Spiced Teh Tarik Ice
tasted something like Teh Tarik but riched with cinnamon aroma (RM5.50)

Used to be mine but soon it became my cousin`s Camomile tea
its a flower tea - tasted like Camomile *hahaha*=P (RM 6)

Mum`s hot cappucino
at 1st, there`s a heart shape on top of the coffee but soon, it changed shape *haihz* (RM6)

My Madras coffee
tasted like normal coffee but its caffeine-free *theres the heart shape im talking about -cute eh?* (RM 6)

Then , me and my cousin wander about the restaurant and saw this cute deco.

Taken near the restroom area.

The price is abit steep but considered that its a Swiss cuisine and its for mum`s birthday treat, we dont mind to slurge abit. The total bill came RM 191.95 considered service charge and tax for 4 people.

Will definitely drop by again if given the chance.=)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

After a long wait...!!!

YAY!! Im so happy today...haha...Cause after a long wait, i finally got my own water bottle..Not one but i got two..

Mum bought them for me from Tupperware where they are some valentine promo going on and at the same time, im asking mum to get me new water bottle. Hehe =)

I love it so much...The colors is pretty too...

A couple sit under a tree enjoying the sunset....

Different view..

Blue tree and pinky tree....

Two little love birds....

Cute?? Hehe..

Thank you so much , mama...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giving room a face lift...

Before the CNY begin, i manja-ed my mum to let me change the color of my room as its been awhile since d last painting and d color has faded real bad....

After some manja-ness from me, mum finally give in and allow me to change the color of my choice. Hehe. She asked me what color i want and took me to choose it. I told her i want something between pink and purple. Thus, mum choose the color for me and I`m Loving It. =P

As my room has two different color that separate the wall and ceiling, i told mum that i want to maintain the old color for the ceiling but wanted to repaint it.

Before : So ugly the color....

On the process : Can see the difference between the new color and the old 1

The final outcome : New color...Nice?
Wall : Candy Pink
Ceiling : Tinkerbell ( abit of greenish blue)

It took us 2 days to repaint my room as mum use the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in my room as well.... Hehe =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, mama...

Today is my beloved mama`s birthday. I wish my mama all the best in her life, a long life full of happiness, peacefulness and harmony. Im so blessed to have a wonderful, caring, loving, supporting, playful and friendly mama like her.

Im so glad for being your naughty daughter. And you never failed to shower me with what you have. Loving me unconditionally , supporting me and giving me advice in everything that i do. No words can tell how much you mean to me.

I Love You, Mama.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

BoBo`s facial expression...

Taking a break from posting about my CNY`s holiday.

Its been sometime since my cutie doggie,BoBo appeared in this blog. Still remember her? Hehe...

And, this is some of the funny expression of her....

~~Hmmm?? You taking a picture of me?? ~~

~~ Miss BoBo is here...Good morning, class....~~

~~ Im done, mama....Im ready to take my shower~~

Hehe...she`s cute, eh? =P