Thursday, November 12, 2009

KL Trip - 29th Oct to 1st Nov

My convocation was on the 31st of Oct but I went to KL earlier on the 29th as I wanted to settled everything before the date line. Actually, there was a rehearsal for the convo on the 30th but I got an interview with OSK on that day itself. So, I forgo the rehearsal and went to the interview.

Everything was new to me. My first time in mostly everything. Going places in KL was chaotic. Endless of grumbles and angers. Sigh. But it was fun. Gain alot of memories as well as knowledge. Reminder : Must get a GPS next time. Hehe.

Parents came to KL on the 30th. Wanted to bring them to 1U that nite but somehow, I ended ourselves at Sunway Piramid. Haha. Funny, rite? Then, we had our dinner at Wong Kok.

Saw a lot of ghosts and mummies that nite as they were celebrating Halloween. Wanted to get into the feel and I got this for us. Hehe. Doughnut from the famous Krispy Kreme with Halloween theme.

Then, we went back to our hotel at Putrajaya. Swt. Damn far and tiring ride for me. Cuz basically, since I reached KL, all I did was drive drive and drive. My legs damn pain. Zzzzzz.

31st Oct was my big day. Woke up early at 6am to prepare as the ceremony start at 7:30am. *post pic later, ok* hehe.

After the ceremony, we checked out from the hotel and went to chek into another hotel at PJ. Another hell ride for me cuz I don`t know how to go. But lucky, Woofy was there to guide me and managed to reach the hotel. Haiz. Dramatic.

Then, I bring my parents to place that I am more confident of which is the KL town. Easy water. Keke. =P Brought them to KLCC. Haha.

Soon, it was ard 11 plus, when I suddenly wanted to go to SS2 for thong sui. And there we go. Hehe. thong sui at KTZ. Yummy sial. Met my "bf" and we chatted awhile before he led me back to the hotel. Owe him big one.

On the final day of our trip, I finally able to bring parents to 1U and before we left to PG, I bring them to Ikea where mum bought a few pans and pots. Haha. And, I helped my friend to buy a dozen of drinks back. Swt. Haha.

We makan and minum during our time at 1U. Haha. Ate to much though. =P As I walked around, I saw this small shop selling Lok -Lok, 1 stick for RM1. So, i draged my cousin sis to join me for a small session. Hehe.

After that, we walked around again. And I saw this cute thong sui shop and I wanted to try again. There we goes. Haha.

This is called " Yeong Chi Kam Lou" Heard bout this on drama but 1st time try this. kinda yummy. Pamelo with mango and sago.

This is mum`s "Ginger with Milk"

Conclusion : It was a kinda hectic trip for us but we enjoyed ourselves very much. Hope theres more trip for us as family.


kyh said...

wah so happening. the desserts look great!! and seeing those donuts, u remind me of queensbay's which i have yet to try. soon!!