Friday, December 24, 2010

Movie Day with Mama

On 5th Dec 2010 is a very memorable day for me. This is cuz mama accompany me to watch movie which is very rare from her since very long time ago.

I told mama that I wanted to watch cartoon -Rapunzel (since young, mama exposed me to Disney cartoon. I got a collection of Disney`s cartoons like Pocahontas-which i watched it with mama during standard 4,Hercules - watched with dad, Aladdin-watched with mama and papa,Lion King,The Mermaid etc). I told mama that nobody gona watch with me cuz couz will be working , friends not fancy cartoon and Woofy not here. So mama was like " OK. I go watch with u" Then i was like " Really? But i want to watch 3D version." Mama said " OK. Check the time and let me know" I was so happy. Mama dont really like to watch movie in cinema cuz of the expensive movie ticket and now she said ok to accompany me and watch 3D. Whhhheee~~~

So, 5th Dec is the day we went to movie and watched the 1130am show. After movie, we went to walk around and buy stuffs which totaled up to RM80++. Kekeke...Happy day!!!

BUT, Rapunzel-Tangled is really a very nice cartoon. Way too nice and the 3D is so convincing this time. Nice graphic, nice story line, nice soundtrack. Love it...

It made me laugh and cry. Its been a long time since i cried during watching a cartoon. Im so going to buy the DVD and watch it all over again minus the 3D thou.Kekekek...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas present

I received early Christmas presents from my mama. Hehe..So happy...

I reached home after work on the 30th of November. Greet mama and went into room to change. Then,I saw something on my bed....Go closer to check it out and I saw this cute pair of shoes that mama bought for me....Its Crocs shoes. Hehehehe.....

Im dont have the heart to buy one for myself but I did bought 1 pair for mama using somebody`s credit card.Hahahaha...=P

Pretty? But its getting more pretty now cuz mama bought those accessories for me to decorate it. =P

Besides new shoes, mama also bought me new bag. So happy!!! Thank you so much,mama!!!Love you so so so much....

Saturday, December 4, 2010


YAY!! Its December already. Holiday time,holiday season!!! So happy...

Its holiday time for me...Finally something is working out since planning it for more than a year. Cant wait. So excited!!

Counting down the day to arrival.

~~This the season to be jolly...Fa la la la la la la la la~~