Saturday, March 28, 2009

Drama review : EU (學警狙擊)

Phewww.... Finally I`ve finished watching the 30 episodes long of EU (學警狙擊) which is the 3rd installments after 2005`s The Academy (學警雄心) and 2nd installment 2007`s On The First Beat (學警出更). With the main cast starring Ron Ng, and Sammual Chan from the original series and adding new cast such as Michael Miu, Micheal Tse, Kathy Chow and also singer-cum-actress, Elanne Kong.

In my opinion, the show stealer definitely went to the performance of Tse's character, Laughing. He is so popular among the drama or EU`s fans especially since *SPOILER AHEAD*

Laughing Gor died in episode 22 where fans actually created a facebook group to mourn over his loss. I even cried when watching that scene.

The ending especially episode 29 and 30 is exceptionally interesting and exciting. But with some flaws towards the end but still good. To those who want to know, its a rather open ending with a room for 4th installment coming up. (Confirmed there will be a 4th installment)

Its been sometime since TVB drama give me the anticipation to catch every single episode since Moonlight Resonance. Give this drama a try, its worth it...Hehe...

Anyway, this is the synopsis i extract from Wikipedia...

After ten years behind the bars in Taiwan, Kong Sai-Hao (Michael Miu) finally returns to Hong Kong. Other than the hope to find his daughter Yau-Yau (Elaine Kong) to mend their relationship, he also plans for revenge. On one hand, he pretends to surrender to triad boss To Yik-Tin (Lam Lee), the man who caused him to be jailed. On the other hand, he tries to gain trust from police officers Chung Lap-Man (Ron Ng) and Lee Pak-Kiu (Sammul Chan). Lee refuses to have a criminal as his friend, but Chung becomes close to Kong to gain inside information about To's activities. To keeps a close watch on Kong but purposely shows that he trusts Laughing (Michael Tse) more and intentionally puts him in a high position, but Kong uses To's wife Ching Yeuk-Sam (Kathy Chow) in the organization as an influence to help Kong rise up the ranks. To is killed and Kong ascends to become the head of the triad. Later, Chung becomes an official undercover agent for the police force with the intention of exposing Kong's triad crimes. He isolates himself from Lee in order to protect his undercover identity.

Just when Kong thought that he was in control, his drug business fails. Kong discovers that the people he trusted the most had betrayed, tricked and used him.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The heaviest far....

Came across to this shop where the owner sells the most heaviest noodle i`ve ever seen so far...

Apparently, the noodle weigh about 1 tonne.... Wonder how the noodle tasted like....


Happy Monday, everyone!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Edelweiss Cafe @ Penang

Edelweiss Cafe is the only Swiss restaurant in Penang. I`ve heard about this restaurant long time ago but don`t really have the time to search for it until we passed by the restaurant early this year during the CNY`s open house.

Then, I started to plan to bring my mum to the restaurant on her birthday but the restaurant was closed on every Monday, so, we postponed to plan to the weekend which is on last 2 Saturday. So, together with mum, my cousin, Woofy and me, we are there for dinner.

The entrance is nicely decorated with lots of greenery.

Upon entering, the interior are decorated with antiques.

Then, we ordered some of the restaurant specialties. And, this is the food that we ordered.

Appetizer- Salad with thousand island sauce

Cheese fondue
the combination of cheese and white wine which are imported from Switzerland. (RM 75)
Mum`s pork ribs.
nicely grilles ribs with special sauce (RM29)

Bratwurst sausage
similar with German sausage which can also be dipped in the cheese fondue (RM28)

Woofy's Rosti Mit Bacon and Egg
pizza-look-alike with sunshine egg and bacon and lots of onion (RM20)

And, the drinks that we ordered.

Woofy`s Spiced Teh Tarik Ice
tasted something like Teh Tarik but riched with cinnamon aroma (RM5.50)

Used to be mine but soon it became my cousin`s Camomile tea
its a flower tea - tasted like Camomile *hahaha*=P (RM 6)

Mum`s hot cappucino
at 1st, there`s a heart shape on top of the coffee but soon, it changed shape *haihz* (RM6)

My Madras coffee
tasted like normal coffee but its caffeine-free *theres the heart shape im talking about -cute eh?* (RM 6)

Then , me and my cousin wander about the restaurant and saw this cute deco.

Taken near the restroom area.

The price is abit steep but considered that its a Swiss cuisine and its for mum`s birthday treat, we dont mind to slurge abit. The total bill came RM 191.95 considered service charge and tax for 4 people.

Will definitely drop by again if given the chance.=)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

After a long wait...!!!

YAY!! Im so happy today...haha...Cause after a long wait, i finally got my own water bottle..Not one but i got two..

Mum bought them for me from Tupperware where they are some valentine promo going on and at the same time, im asking mum to get me new water bottle. Hehe =)

I love it so much...The colors is pretty too...

A couple sit under a tree enjoying the sunset....

Different view..

Blue tree and pinky tree....

Two little love birds....

Cute?? Hehe..

Thank you so much , mama...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giving room a face lift...

Before the CNY begin, i manja-ed my mum to let me change the color of my room as its been awhile since d last painting and d color has faded real bad....

After some manja-ness from me, mum finally give in and allow me to change the color of my choice. Hehe. She asked me what color i want and took me to choose it. I told her i want something between pink and purple. Thus, mum choose the color for me and I`m Loving It. =P

As my room has two different color that separate the wall and ceiling, i told mum that i want to maintain the old color for the ceiling but wanted to repaint it.

Before : So ugly the color....

On the process : Can see the difference between the new color and the old 1

The final outcome : New color...Nice?
Wall : Candy Pink
Ceiling : Tinkerbell ( abit of greenish blue)

It took us 2 days to repaint my room as mum use the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in my room as well.... Hehe =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, mama...

Today is my beloved mama`s birthday. I wish my mama all the best in her life, a long life full of happiness, peacefulness and harmony. Im so blessed to have a wonderful, caring, loving, supporting, playful and friendly mama like her.

Im so glad for being your naughty daughter. And you never failed to shower me with what you have. Loving me unconditionally , supporting me and giving me advice in everything that i do. No words can tell how much you mean to me.

I Love You, Mama.