Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giving room a face lift...

Before the CNY begin, i manja-ed my mum to let me change the color of my room as its been awhile since d last painting and d color has faded real bad....

After some manja-ness from me, mum finally give in and allow me to change the color of my choice. Hehe. She asked me what color i want and took me to choose it. I told her i want something between pink and purple. Thus, mum choose the color for me and I`m Loving It. =P

As my room has two different color that separate the wall and ceiling, i told mum that i want to maintain the old color for the ceiling but wanted to repaint it.

Before : So ugly the color....

On the process : Can see the difference between the new color and the old 1

The final outcome : New color...Nice?
Wall : Candy Pink
Ceiling : Tinkerbell ( abit of greenish blue)

It took us 2 days to repaint my room as mum use the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in my room as well.... Hehe =)


day-dreamer said...

Not bad, I like the colour. You did the painting yourself?

Wyn said... and mum did it together..hehe

i did the wall, mum did the ceiling..

Chen said...

nice. Aiseh, u bully your mummy ah? Asking her to climb high-high up to paint the ceiling? :P

Wyn said... ar...i wunt bully my mummy de...hehe..

cause my mum said i "lun chun"..datz y dowan let me do it..=P