Monday, October 25, 2010

Free time

This is the 1st time i felt so free since working in this office.

Watching the clock ticks away. Counting down for 6pm.

Really dont know what to do.


On the other hand, felt so weird today. Moody, tired, sleepy, what my colleagues called me today. Haha.

I dont know why also. A place where i always went to, i can turn to the wrong direction and use a longer route to get there.

Walking aimlessly here and there.


Feel so suck!!! I wana go home and sleep. *sigh* Another 3hrs and 15 mins to go...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just away from office for 2 days for training and problems piling in already even way before i went for my training. Super hate it!!!

Is it true that senior find its hard to trust a junior? But if they dont trust a junior, why ask them for help in d 1st place? Even though got proof and details but still, they prefer their own way.

And what is more worst that your own manager finds that junior`s idea is not correct and agree to on senior`s idea which is not correct?

I know every work place sure got conflict etc. But this is d 1st time i felt this way. Duno why also.....

Pressure maybe? *Chilll chillll.......*