Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bosco oh Bosco...!!!

Hahahaha...just came back from Bosco Wong`s small singing and autograph signing session...

Managed to shake hand with him as well...Awwww...I Love BOSCO!!!!!

He`s so cute and handsome...Update with picture soon...

And will go Queensbay tml for countdown and see Bosco again...hahaha..

Till then, we would like to wish all our readers from our blog a very HAPPY NEW YEAR...May you all have a blessed year ahead and be happy always...!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My best present ever.....

I received my best Christmas present ever yesterday. At around 5:37 pm yesterday, i logged on to my uni`s website to view at my last semester result. I was trembling yesterday and the night before. Was so scared that i did not do well in my exam.

But when i saw my result, i couldn't believe my eyes. HAHAHA...!!!! I actually did quite well in it. I managed to score a A and a B for my major papers. WOW!!! Overall, i got 2 As and 2Bs in my exam. I really couldn't believe it. My parents were so happy when i told them my result and Woofy was happy for me too.

So, now, all I have to do is to focus on my last 4 papers as this will be my last semester before i start doing my intern. Can't wait.

Till then, have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My all time favorite is BACK!!!!

Woohoo....currently Astro channel 311 WLT is re-airing my all time favorite drama "Journey To The West (part 1)"

So happy...I`ve been watching the drama over and over again for countless of times and I even can remember their dialogue...Even my mum is annoyed with me..=P

I still remember the first time I watched the drama is when Im 13 and my dad even rent it for me to watch...Since then, I never failed to watched it whenever TV is showing the drama or my relatives` rent the drama...

And, guess what, my dad even bought the DVD set for me - a complete set with part 2...But i don`t like to watch the part2 cause I like Dicky Cheung who act The Monkey God in the 1st part more...He`s the reason i watch the drama...keke...Been a little fans of him since small...

Love the tag line of his ~~ Yo, watch drama, sai mat keng arrrr!!~~ HAHAHAHA...Crazy d me....=P

On a side note, I tried to make my own mashed potato after being inspired by DD. Hmmm, on my first attempt, i don`t think i did very well cause i did not use the mixer to mash the potatoes and resulted a not so smooth texture...
Will try to make the gravy tonite for dinner and will see how it goes...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wah Lao.... Dare to drink this?

Not long ago, we went to a newly-opened hypermarket. Nothing special or unusual about the hypermarket, except something that caught our attention. At first, we thought we saw some big bottles of water color, until we had a shock when we looked closely - Awww My Gawd, it was actually CONCENTRATED FRUIT JUICE! Initially we can't really believe it because the color is WAYYYYY different from the usual ones. See for your ownself:

Looks just like water color

Green water color?

Holy cow, look at the color of the concentrated fruit juice... *faint*

Another brand of "water color"

Compared to that, Sunquick is NOTHING

Feels so disgusted when we saw those water color concentrated fruit juice. For us, we will never try it even if it is given free to us. We don't want to risk our own health consuming those excessive coloring material. Bluuuuuuurrrrrrkkkk..... You dare to drink?

We`re back...!!!

We are back from our holiday having lotsa fun but kinda tiring and sleepy....

So, will update soon...stay tune...=)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


My goodiness....i`ve been neglecting this little space of mine for so bad my bad...

So, howz everybody lately? Im not busy at the moment...hehe...but, im just being lazy to mood...*sigh* bad bad...

Hmm...will be going for a short holiday with my cousin and his friends soon...hehe...been planning the trip since OCT?? haha....

This is a very random post and a short 1...will blog more soon...please stay with me ya...=)

Have a nice day !!!