Friday, February 26, 2010

Working on Public Holiday...

Yeap, Im now working on a Public Holiday. Dreaded to go at first, but when start to think of the outcome that Im gona received, it seems worth it. I can get something for someone, with extra pocket money to spend, can give more to mom. Im willing to do so even by means it gona be damn boring.

Been so "busy" to update this space. There`s tonne of things waiting for me to post but yet, i`ve been slacking alot. Haiz...

Next month only blog laa...Lazy...=P

Happy Holiday, peeps...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No mood....=_=

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Im now blogging at my workplace. Ya, you read it rite. W-O-R-K-P-L-A-C-E!!! Im still in my holiday mood and yet, I still needa work all on the 4th day of CNY.

So regret that i didn`t take leave for the whole week. Else, I`ll still enjoying at home and rest and spending time with my mum. Ish....

Office is so quiet today. I guess, this gona last for this whole week.

I don`t wana work on the CNY. Really FML. No mood to do anything. T______T

Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Chapter

After 3 months of slacking at home doing nothing but enjoying my life, Im finally got myself back to work once again. This time, at a MNC company where I found that it can provide me with better opportunities as well as future.

This is my 4th day at work as I started my work on the 2nd of Feb. At first, Im not really used to it as I need to wake up as early as 6am where my usual waking time is at 10am. 4 hours different. So, basically, Im lack of sleep for most of the time. FML

The first 2 days was kinda like a torture for me. Found myself constantly stuck in the jam. As, Im driving to work now instead of mum droping me to work. Really big girl now. Haha.

However, after few days, Im kinda used to it and enjoy working there. I start my work at 8am but, as soon as I put my things on my desk, I will go to the cafeteria to join my childhood friend for breakfast till 830am. Then, only I start my work. Hehe. For lunch, theier lunch time start as early as 1130 and its flexible. You can go to lunch whenever you want. And best thing of all, you dont have to scan ur card whenever you came to work or going back. So, nobody really knows what time you`re in the office or what so ever.

Tomorrow is Saturday already. Means, I can sleep till 10am. Haha. Guess I should go to bed early to replace back all my deducted sleep time.

Have a nice weekend everybody!!!