Thursday, February 19, 2009

BoBo`s facial expression...

Taking a break from posting about my CNY`s holiday.

Its been sometime since my cutie doggie,BoBo appeared in this blog. Still remember her? Hehe...

And, this is some of the funny expression of her....

~~Hmmm?? You taking a picture of me?? ~~

~~ Miss BoBo is here...Good morning, class....~~

~~ Im done, mama....Im ready to take my shower~~

Hehe...she`s cute, eh? =P

Monday, February 16, 2009

CNY holiday!! (Part 2)

The continuation of my CNY holiday...

3rd day of CNY :

I spent my day at home as mum said that it was a bad day to visit relatives and also friends. This is because on this day , its known as " chek hau"(cantonese) where if you visit others, you and that person will keep arguing all year round.

4th day of CNY :

Spent most day at grandma`s house and as night falls, we went to downtown for CNY`s open house at Campbell Street, Penang.

So many people..wana walk also very hard..

The organizers were very thoughtful. they set up some booths that giving out free foods and drinks for the people.

Open house means got free food and drinks....
Some of the CNY`s tit bits and kuih...Got fried rice and bee hoon

Then, there is this booth where they displayed some stuff from the late 70s ...

Some of the very old old type of flyers..According to my parents, those are the cinema listings on show for the people around in the 70s. its like we looked up on the newspaper for movies and last time, they used to distribute the flyer with sypnosis. So cool...Ancient type of radio and "CD player" Hehe

As we walk further, we came across to this booth where they use red packets to make origamis..

Trishaw man and passanger...Look at those details...
Paper cutting using red packets...
Paper lanterns...

There`s other performances such as singing competition, cultural dances, lion dance that night.

5th day of CNY :

Went to dinner with my cousins and family at Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza. Finally able to realize my cousin bro`s wish after delaying it for almost 1 year. Hehe...

The food...
and more food....
Some part of the mess that we made...

Bill came at around RM 250 for 8 people...not too bad consider the environment and we`re not smelly after the dinner cause from the BBQ smoke...hehe

Its a fun dinner together before my cousin bro went back to Sabah....We`ll go again sometime in the future, ok, J??...=) cheh, as if he reads my blog...Haha...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY holiday!! (Part 1)

CNY celebration begin on the 1st day of CNY :

It was a kinda boring day for me. Did nothing except sending mum from temple to another to pray. Then my uncles came over to our house to "pai nian".

Fast forward to the 2nd day of CNY :

Its the day where chinese said "kai nian" (open year) where wedded daughter return home to "pai nian". So, early morning, we get ready to went back to grandma`s house and we ate lunch there. Then, mum and dad fetch grandma to relatives` house and i stayed back to help around in the house.

Then, at night, we went to another "belated reunion dinner" with my paternal family as most of my aunts from KL, Japan as well as Singapore came back. Thus, its sorta family reunion or gathering.

Although we were having dinner at a hotel restaurant, but the service was like a fast food chain. Reason : the hotel restaurant was fully booked and by a certain time, the table that one occupied will need to past to the next customers. *sweat* The food that we`re having :

1st dish: Lou Sang at 19:07 pm
2nd dish : Shark fin soup (but i think its more of "fan si" ) at 19:17 pm
3rd dish : Rebus (boiled?) prawns at 19:20 pm
4th dish : "Hou Si Fatt Choy" (oyster mushroom etc) at 19:30 pm
5th dish: Fish at 19:36 pm
6th dish : Glutinious rice at 19:40 pm
7th dish : Honeydew sago at 19:59pm
8th dish : Fried "nian gao" at 20:03 pm

Basically, we sapu-ed the whole dinner within 1 hour. Superfast!! However, the time for the adults was not enough. So they decided to go to the hotel where my aunts` staying to continue their "grandma"`s story until 11 ++ pm.

Friday, February 6, 2009

CNY reunion dinners....

My CNY celebration began 2days earlier than usual. This is because I had my earlier reunion dinner with my maternal family at my 2nd aunt`s place on the 24th of January which is the 29th lunar calendar.

Had the usual traditional must have dishes like the prawns, chicken, lobak, lotsa veges, mushroom, fishes, soup and rice. Haha..!!!

My grandma is a rather tradition kinda lady as u can see in the picture that we must have our rice in a bowl rather on the plate.

Parts of the dishes

Rice in bowl

Then, on the 25th of Jan (30th of the lunar calendar) which is the important day for the Chinese as it is the actual day for having reunion dinner for family. I had another reunion dinner again with my maternal family and this time, at my grandma`s house.

Dishes was like the day before. Prawns, fishes, chicken and etc....Yummy yummy dinner and we had a lot of fun eating together although it was like another dinner together. Then, help grandma to set up for praying.