Friday, February 6, 2009

CNY reunion dinners....

My CNY celebration began 2days earlier than usual. This is because I had my earlier reunion dinner with my maternal family at my 2nd aunt`s place on the 24th of January which is the 29th lunar calendar.

Had the usual traditional must have dishes like the prawns, chicken, lobak, lotsa veges, mushroom, fishes, soup and rice. Haha..!!!

My grandma is a rather tradition kinda lady as u can see in the picture that we must have our rice in a bowl rather on the plate.

Parts of the dishes

Rice in bowl

Then, on the 25th of Jan (30th of the lunar calendar) which is the important day for the Chinese as it is the actual day for having reunion dinner for family. I had another reunion dinner again with my maternal family and this time, at my grandma`s house.

Dishes was like the day before. Prawns, fishes, chicken and etc....Yummy yummy dinner and we had a lot of fun eating together although it was like another dinner together. Then, help grandma to set up for praying.


day-dreamer said...

Nice wor... haha.

Wyn said...

haha...ya, not too bad