Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advance birthday present....

Just came back from another interview. I`ll definitely go for this one as the offers is better and I got friend working with me. So good. This is a good birthday present for me. Hehe. They put me in Accounting department. Hope i can cope with that. =P So, i`ll be start going for my 1st official work on this Monday.

Everything went very well today. The interviers are very good to me especially the HR manager. He`s so cute and funny. Haha...He even wish me 'Happy Birthday' so cute...

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday...!!! Wish me oh...=P (tak tau malu me...hehe)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Wow...Its been sometime since i last blogged.

So, hows everybody? Getting very well, i hope...=)

Im currently very busy with my studies as exam is ongoing now. However, i just left with 1 final paper which fall on the 2nd of May. So, can relax abit right now. Hehe.

Alot of things happened since last week. Let do some recap :

20th April :
Attended my 1st ever formal interview in my life. Kinda exciting though. Hehe. I think the interview went quiet ok and Im still waiting for the confirmation if i got it or not. Hopefully, i got a positive answer from them.

21st April :
Went to my 2nd interview with another company where they decide to hire me on the spot but im not happy with it. There are some factors that i dont like. But i cant be so choosy right? But if given other options, i definitely wont choose that company although im placed in a good division or department.

22nd - 23rd April :
Stay at home doing revision for up coming exam.

24th April :
Had the 1st paper for the final. I guess i do quiet well in it. Got confidence to score on that paper. Hope my assumption is correct on this. Hehe...

25th - 26th April :
Doing revision

27th April :
Had the 2nd paper but i dont think i did very well in it. Hmmmm. Kinda sad though. Dont think can get a very good score in that paper. =(

28th April :
Had my 1st finance paper today. Did ok but still dont think its enough. Haiz....What am i doing? =(

Need to stay focus on my last paper for my degree. Time flies fast huh? 2 years just gone like that. Still remember that 2 years ago, i started my degree and now, its coming to an end. My study life will come to end for now. Period. As i wont stop studying and will keep studying in the future, just dont know when.

I gave myself a time line for 2 years before i start studying again. Hope i can achieve my goals. Hehe..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don`t understand....

Sometimes, its really hard to understand what`s on people`s mind.

There is this family that living at the block that im staying. Lately, they bought a little doggy same breed as my doggy - a minpin. She`s very tiny and cute too. At 1st, they are very loving towards the doggy. Every evening, you will see them walking the doggy, taking the doggy to do her business. The doggy used to lived inside of the house.

But, things changed now. You no longer can see them walk the doggy and the doggy now stay outside of the house - outdoor. She`s still very small and over here, it rained almost every nite. Imagined that : a small doggy out in the cold with just those cupboard for shelter. Even my doggy stay indoor, whenever it rained, she also feel cold. How about that little doggy? Its so heartache seeing her.

And, i cant even do anything but hope she will be alrite on her own. I dont understand at all. If you are not ready to have pet, dont brought them home. Dont torture them that way. Show them care and love, not leave them like that.

Is there anything i can do to help that doggy? I dont want that doggy to suffer like that. Its not a right way to treat a doggy. She`s not a working dog, not meant to leashed her outside.

Everytime, when i think of her being treat that way, i cant help but tears will slowly shed out. I really feel so sorry for her.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I think Im current having my sort of crisis at this moment. There is so much of uncertainties that im going to face and i don`t know how im supposed to do.

For instant, I`ll be soon finishing my studies and my final exam for my degree will start in few weeks time and i have yet started my revision. Then, im currently looking for a place for my internship and i found a job that i like and longed for. Waiting sucks !

However, im not ready for doing internship yet although i wanted to finish up my studies and wanted to graduate real soon. There is this feeling in me that makes me so uncomfortable.

All my 2X years, i`ve done nothing except for: sleeping, eating,enjoying life, schooling etc....

All i do after my form6 is just studying and having fun. Imagine : wake up at 10am +, went to market with mum, went shopping with mum after breakfast, went home and relax till dinner time...Then start all over again the next day. Im used to that kinda life and out of sudden, i need to work?

I mean, i know i have to work and i cant be like that forever. but, i just get my self used to that situation at this moment. By just thinking of my routine in the future, give me a chill down my spines.

Haihz. Time is all i need, i guess.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad bad days...!!!

Its been a bad days for me lately...First of all, Im stuffed with loads of assignment which need my immediate attention. To make things worst, my very "faithful" internet connection which is the STREAMYX sucked major time, where the connection decided to give up on me and leave me without internet for days....

How am i supposed to do my assignments??? Thank you so much for ruin everything, Streamyx. You SUCKED major time !!! So angry with them...

Luckily, Woofy got me the Celcom duno what plan that enable me to connect to the internet and here`s me - still doing my assignment at this hour and typing this post out.

Im so sleepy and tired now but what can i do??

Thats all for now, need to rush my assignment that i need to hand in by tomorrow...