Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its Complicated

There`s alot of things happened lately. Sumthing I dont understand and weird. It all happened in workplace and 2 ppl in the same department.

First case, here is this guy, lets call him P.. He was caught "fooling" around in the office and chatting with me during work hours helping his friend to pursue me and "brain wash" my mind. After chatting with him for sometime, I told him that the matter is between me and his friend, and we will settle the problem ourselves and ask him to do his work. After that, there was some complain about him and since then, he was not on talking terms with me.

I dont know what happened but its very weird. I dont understand.

Then , this second case, there was this guy, lets call him, D. Frankly, I feel that he`s kinda cool that he dont really talk much in the office and i ask him for his skype and msn. At 1st, we were just Hi-Bye friend and nothing much happened until 1 day that he helped me with my personal thing.

Then, we started to sms each other quite often. Come one fine day, that he asked me out for movie in which i reply him ok but not confirm. However, my close friend whom working in same department with him knew bout this and said that i`ve cheated on her. She said that i`ve hurted her feelings.

What happened? I did wrong? What is happening actually? I really dont know.

I feel so sux right now. For being treated like that. Can someone help me????

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grounded? Curfew? Protected?

Hmm...For those who know me well, they will know that Im the only child in my family. Which means, Im very well taken care by both of my parents especially my mum. And, Im very very much appreciate with what they have been giving me all this long. Their concern, love, care ....everything...

For, I know they want me to have the very best of everything that they can give me. So, Im very well "protected" by them. Im not boasting but sometimes, I do feel that its a little too over "protected" that I feel pressure at times.

For instance, I don`t always have the privillages to go out late nite with my friends or having nite life like most of my friends. However, I do understand the motive or intention by my parents. Their reason is being simple : they simply do not want their only child to be hurt by people or being bullied by other people. They scared for my safety. I really do understand.

I was given some green light from mum this few months for going out late nite with friends but however, i was given some time frame where i needed to be home by a certain time. But, most of the time, i failed to do so cause , i misuse the opportunity. And its my bad. But , i really enjoyed the time and will got home later than the time given by mum. Most of the time, i was laughed by my friends saying that im Cinderella cause i need to be home before 12 am.

I know some might say ' Aiya, go talk with your parents laa" etc...But, I just dont have the heart to talk to my mum about it. I know she will get upset and unhappy and feel uncomfortable. So, in the end, i just be like a sponge and absorb everything. I am very afraid that my parents especially mum said " Ok, i dont and wont control you anymore" or " Ok, from now onwards, you can do whatever you like. I dont care anymore". Im very scared whenever she said that to me.

I never really been to any midnite movies at cinema. The only time where i can go out till late nite is only when parents are following. Haiz....

Deep down in me, I just hope sometimes, I do have the time to enjoy like everyone else. I dont want to regret in the future. But, i know i can just hope and dream about it.

No matter what, I still love my parents and appreciate for all they are giving me. And, i know i shouldnt rant or complain. But , HAIZ....!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ladies Nite @ QE2

I finally broke my principle of not going to any pub last nite. I joined a bunch of my friends to QE2 the latest hang out place. The place consist of restaurant/pub which is kinda cool.

Every Friday is Ladies Nite from 8:30pm to 10:30pm which means, FREE drinks for ladies and guys - sorry lo, hafta pay. =P

** sorry, no picture cuz was using fren`s camera **

It was a fun nite as its our group reunion. Haha. Been sometime since we went out together and took pictures. Catching up with each other and talked all the nite tru.

Hmmm... Its fun to go out with a bunch of ur besties and relaxed once in a while. So, i guess, we`ll be doing dat some time later. =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new Baby....

Im so damn happy today (pardon my language) Im really really happy. Actually, Im happy since yesterday.

I finally brought my Baby home today. I saw her yesterday and i ask the person in charge to keep her and take care of her for me. She`s such a cutie and adorable.

Now, finally after 2 years of being lonely, my beloved baby got sister to accompany her d. Hehe....

Let me intro to you all, my latest baby...

The new model of Sony Ericsson T707 .

This is how she looks.

On how her look from the inside.

This is how she looks when some1 called.

I love flips phone and SE brand. Thus, when I 1st saw her, I already fell in love with her already and waiting for her arrival. When I knew the model was here, I went to ask for the price and was disappointing to know that the color that i want is not arrive yet.

So, I wait and wait and finally, the color that I wanted was arrive yesterday and without hesitation and much thinking, i went to pay deposit for her and said that will pay the rest today.

And, there she was, safely with me. So happy. And, currently, Im owing 2 of my favorite Babies.

On top : My curreny Baby - Z610i Bottom : My latest Baby - T707

Cant wait to take her out with me. ^o^