Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its Complicated

There`s alot of things happened lately. Sumthing I dont understand and weird. It all happened in workplace and 2 ppl in the same department.

First case, here is this guy, lets call him P.. He was caught "fooling" around in the office and chatting with me during work hours helping his friend to pursue me and "brain wash" my mind. After chatting with him for sometime, I told him that the matter is between me and his friend, and we will settle the problem ourselves and ask him to do his work. After that, there was some complain about him and since then, he was not on talking terms with me.

I dont know what happened but its very weird. I dont understand.

Then , this second case, there was this guy, lets call him, D. Frankly, I feel that he`s kinda cool that he dont really talk much in the office and i ask him for his skype and msn. At 1st, we were just Hi-Bye friend and nothing much happened until 1 day that he helped me with my personal thing.

Then, we started to sms each other quite often. Come one fine day, that he asked me out for movie in which i reply him ok but not confirm. However, my close friend whom working in same department with him knew bout this and said that i`ve cheated on her. She said that i`ve hurted her feelings.

What happened? I did wrong? What is happening actually? I really dont know.

I feel so sux right now. For being treated like that. Can someone help me????


day-dreamer said...

Office politics...

I also don't know... confront them?

Anyway, all the best! You know where to find me, if you need an ear. *hugs*

Kenny Ng said...

Politics everywhere. Your case is more to jealousy.

Wyn said...

DD : Thanx ya=)

Kenny Kor : yea lor...i feel so...

Will said...

that's why never ever get involved in office romance... :P