Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new Baby....

Im so damn happy today (pardon my language) Im really really happy. Actually, Im happy since yesterday.

I finally brought my Baby home today. I saw her yesterday and i ask the person in charge to keep her and take care of her for me. She`s such a cutie and adorable.

Now, finally after 2 years of being lonely, my beloved baby got sister to accompany her d. Hehe....

Let me intro to you all, my latest baby...

The new model of Sony Ericsson T707 .

This is how she looks.

On how her look from the inside.

This is how she looks when some1 called.

I love flips phone and SE brand. Thus, when I 1st saw her, I already fell in love with her already and waiting for her arrival. When I knew the model was here, I went to ask for the price and was disappointing to know that the color that i want is not arrive yet.

So, I wait and wait and finally, the color that I wanted was arrive yesterday and without hesitation and much thinking, i went to pay deposit for her and said that will pay the rest today.

And, there she was, safely with me. So happy. And, currently, Im owing 2 of my favorite Babies.

On top : My curreny Baby - Z610i Bottom : My latest Baby - T707

Cant wait to take her out with me. ^o^


day-dreamer said...

LOL~ congrats on the "newborn". Haha.

Will said...

wah... very long nails :P

Kenny Ng said...

I got many wives n babies now also wor... LOL

Wyn said...

DD : thank you thank you....=)

Will kor : y u always mentioned bout my nails?

Kenny kor : you got many yi lais....kekeke...