Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween


Trick or Treat???

PS: Its my 100th post for this blog...Hooray hooray.....

Monday, October 29, 2007


Advertisement played a major part in promoting a product. It carried message to the viewer or consumer about the product and how the advertiser carried out the message is very important.

Nowadays, we saw many colourful and interesting advertisements that capture our view. For example, beer or liquor company that want to promote their product, the advertiser use a very beautiful and sexy model.

Question: Hows the backdated advertisers advertise their product?

I came across to the coffee shop where they hung up not updated advertisement but rather, backdated advertisement. To me, its kind of funny to see them but i must say, they are kind of impressing.

Thats how the beer company promote their product. You don`t see any sexy girls in their bikini. Very straight to the point. Tiger anyone? =P

Backdated kind of cigarettes. They don`t have Salem, Dunhill, Marlboro or other brands of cigarettes that we have today. They have Torchlight brand and Gold Flake brand. Notice how the packaging like? Amazing right? There are some other cigarettes advertisement but din`t manage to take the pictures.

Remember this brand FnN? Its a company that produce soda drink which continued till now. You still have FnN but the advertisement? It changed to more interesting now if compare to the 1 above.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Seen this before?

Anyone out there seen this stuff before? Look carefully. If you think, its normal Panadol. Than you`re wrong.Let me tell you why.

In Malaysia, all we know that Panadol or Paracetamol came in tablets form but in other places like Hong Kong, they came in powder form AND they came with flavoring too. Surprised, eh?

This are the Panadol that my uncle bought back when he was holidaying in Hong Kong. Never seen this stuff over here before.

How to consume the Panadol? All you need it to drink it. Yeah, not swallow it. Easy peasy and the taste, very yummy too. Hee hee. I don`t know bout the taste but my grandpa told me that. =P

Open the packet of the Panadol.Then, pour them into the glass.

Pour in water.

And, viola...The drink`s ready to be consumed.

* Sorry for blurry pictures ya. Took using phone`s camera only.*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Do anyone of you guys believe in Magic? Well, for me, sometimes i do and sometimes i don`t but mostly i do. =) Although, how the magician do it, may it be illusion or some kind of trick, im still very impress with the way they did it and admire their talent.

I stumble upon this show called "Mondo Magic" on AXN,Astro last night. The magician are not as famous as David Copperfield or David Blaine but their skills are very impressive as well.

That makes me think : Who started this thing called Magic? How does it started? What is magic all about? Thus, again, i "asked" Google bout it.

Magic is a use of supernatural powers that can form illusion to human eyes, or to influence something.

This is what i found:

I quote them from Wikipedia :

The term "Magic" is etymologically derived from the Old Persian word Magi. Performances we would now recognize as conjuring have probably been practiced throughout history. The same level of ingenuity that was used to produce famous ancient deceptions such as the Trojan_Horsewould also have been used for Entertainment, or at least for cheating in gambling, since time immemorial. However, the profession of the illusionist gained strength only in 18th century, and has enjoyed several popular vogues. Successful magicians have become some of the most famous Celebrity in popular entertainment........*Click here to learn more*

Speaking of magic, Woofy had bought us 2 tickets to the upcoming event for Disney Live - Mickey`s Magic show on the 3rd of Nov at PISA. This will be our 2nd time to Disney show , once was the Disney On Ice and now is the live show but it will be my 3rd time going to the Disney show. So excited. Cant`t wait for the time to arrive. =P

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kimi Raikkonen, my hero...!!

Hooray hooray...Yahoooo yahoooo....Super duper happy now...

Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari F1 team has won the world champion title after 6th years into his career...After sucha long wait, his wish finally came true...

So happy for him as a fans....Hahahaha...=P

It was a great race suspense thru out the whole relieve now..n i cant sleep now...too happy...=D

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raining again...

Rained so heavy just now.

On our way home from dinner, few of the main roads already flooded d.

So cold.

Cover with blankie.

Feel so warm and cozy.


Ahhhh. My bed is calling me now.

Hehe. Guess, i`ll just hit the shack early tonite.

Good nite.

*lights off*


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lazy and hooked...

Hi ya, everybody. How`s you guys been doing so far?

Been "so long" din`t update the blog d. What to do ler? Im having my holiday now. So lazy. Hee hee. Just want to play hard and rest hard. =P

Anyway, besides lazy-ing around. Im also been hooked up with some new games that Woofy bought for me.

Currently, im playing this game from the movie called Rattatoulie. Sucha addictive game and not to mention, kinda hard to solve the game too. Full with action kinda game. Nice game. Hee Hee.

Couldn't find the game`s cover

CSI : Hard Evidence

And, the newly installed game. My favourite game of all time. CSI - Hard Evidence. Compared to the last few CSI games, this time, those cases are rather hard to solve. Those evidence are so hard to find. Hmmmm.....

It`s time to continue my game. Have a nice day everyone. =)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What to do?

Its raining now.

Not heavy nor drizzling.

Just good.

So cold and Im sorta freezing now.

Purrr-fect weather to....

Hit the shack and SLEEP.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ever watch a movie(s) that makes you cry over it over and over again? Or rather said, is there any movie(s) that makes you felt touching?

Well, i was watching this chines movie called Fly Me To Polaris aka 星願 on ntv7 last night. Its my-dunno-how-many-times re-run show but still its one of my favourite movie of all times. And i`ll still shed a few tears towards the end.

Quote from Wikipedia :

The plot focuses on the character Onion who became blind and mute during his childhood. Onion works at a hospital and gets to know the nurse Autumn. Onion asks Autumn out on a date and when she says yes, he is so happy that he trips over a rock and is run over by a car. The death of Onion made Autumn realize that she was really deeply in love with him.

Because he was the 60 billionth to die in heaven, Onion is granted a wish. He wishes to return to Earth for 5 days, since that is the longest he is allowed to go back. Unfortunately the rules stipulate that he cannot tell anyone who he really is and that, at the same time, that he will be not be recognized as Onion himself by his former friends.

Upon returning to Earth, Onion tries to talk to Autumn, who is upset over his death. He tries to tell her who he really is but can't without breaking the rules, and finds her being wooed by a doctor. He wastes a few days trying to tell her but finally gives up and makes the most of the time he has with her.

At the end of the week, she realizes that he is Onion. But by that time, there are only few minutes left until the meteor showers, flying him back to Polaris.

After watching this movie, it gave me some "education" which are:

Never take things for granted ; Treasure and appreciate every single moment of your life ; Live life to the fullest; Be happy with what you have and etc.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lunch Time.....

Looking back at the last 2 posts...Both also kind of emo huh? Been kinda emotion week for me but Im ok...=)

Its time to intro some nice place to dine in and not to forget, cheap too..=)

Every Tuesday, I`ll be going lunch with my friend as need to go for class the following hours. So, we went to nearby place to dine in and we stumble upon this shop. Its call Lio`z. Located at the New World Park F n B hub.

The environment are kind of cozy and aired with up to date new songs. Not bad. The food, not too bad for my liking and more importantly, CHEAP...Heehee...

The menu

The environment

My order - Grilled Fish with Mayo

My friend`s order - Spaghettis with Chicken meat

And not forgeting...

The dessert

The set are inclusive of free drinks, soup of the day, main course and dessert. The price is RM8.90 per set.

Cheap right? Besides western food, there`s also rice set to choose from. =)

Friday, October 5, 2007


People change from time to time....

Everything changes as time goes by....

Behaviour, Feelings, Needs, etc etc keep changing....

At a point of time, what you like and love became something that you don`t like and feel annoyed by it.....

Its getting so hard to face them....

Don`t know how to face this kind of changes.....

Avoid it? Try to accept it?


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Mom always told me " Different people, different personality", " You cant understand what the other people wants and also their thinking". Well, I totally agree with what mom been telling me. What makes me think this way?

Well, I witness a rather "disturbing" incident today while having breakfast with my mom at the market. There was this guy "asking" for money from table from table and there was this lady sitting at another table next to our table. So, suddenly, she became kind of furious and accusing that that guy had brushed against her and he was doing that intentionally.

She was complaining to all the people who sat around her and make a big fuss of it. Then, she complained to a worker who was working there and thus, the worker confronted that guy and asking him to apologize and leave the place. That guy was standing up for himself and said that he did not do that on purpose.

What happened after that was, the worker who confronted him tried to push his off and pull him to another side and then, they started to fight. Another guy who was the worker`s friend help the worker to punch that guy and scolded him. While that was happening, that lady was smiling away.

My question that appropriate and necessary for her to do that? What`s so big fuss about that? That guy don`t even know you. Why he want to purposely do that on you? Even if he does that on purpose, you don`t have to react and behave that way, right?

Its really such a person with such personality as " seeing people suffering or in trouble, that person feel happy". Unbelievable....