Friday, October 26, 2007

Seen this before?

Anyone out there seen this stuff before? Look carefully. If you think, its normal Panadol. Than you`re wrong.Let me tell you why.

In Malaysia, all we know that Panadol or Paracetamol came in tablets form but in other places like Hong Kong, they came in powder form AND they came with flavoring too. Surprised, eh?

This are the Panadol that my uncle bought back when he was holidaying in Hong Kong. Never seen this stuff over here before.

How to consume the Panadol? All you need it to drink it. Yeah, not swallow it. Easy peasy and the taste, very yummy too. Hee hee. I don`t know bout the taste but my grandpa told me that. =P

Open the packet of the Panadol.Then, pour them into the glass.

Pour in water.

And, viola...The drink`s ready to be consumed.

* Sorry for blurry pictures ya. Took using phone`s camera only.*