Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Eve....

Wow..time really goes so fast and without realizing it, today is the last day of 2007.

Seems like we just ushered the 2007 new year and now we`re going to celebrate the new year of 2008...

In this year, I`ve done alot of good and also bad things. Some happy and also sad moments. And of course, towards the end of the year, my days is not a good 1. People come and people go. Need to learn to let go sometimes. Still, I miss my grandpa so so so much..=( New year will never be the same anymore.

Anyway, this year is my 1st time sitting at the grandstand watching F1 live. So cool. Will definitely buy that seat again. =P

And, am i going to end this post for the year by :

~~~ I heard that petrol price going to increase by RM0.20. ~~~ How true is that, i dunno...but my mum and Woofy went to pump petrol d... Kekeke...Kiasuism strikes again..=P

Going anywhere to celebrate? We`re going to watch the fireworks tonight...=)


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some hand-made art from China

Saw this exhibition at a shopping mall few weeks ago. Its an art exhibition from China.

They made this from clay. Very detail and yet so tiny. Cute eh? The starting price for some of the art are from RM100 above.

Can you guess what's that?

Scroll for answer :
Yeap, the above cute animal are Candy. You read that correctly. C-A-N-D-Y. So unbelievable. Imagine you eat back the saliva from the person who blew the candy. EEwww... (my point of view only)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas !!!




* So christmas feel, listening to christmas` songs while typing this...*=P

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I spend $$$$

I think im insane. I think I`ve lost my mind. Even Woofy got a shock.

I went to the saloon and get my hair done. As usual for me, what i have as my initial plan will not be the one to be done.

I just wanted to a straightening/rebonding but i ended up doing treatment and glossing for my hair. Ouch...

The process started at 2.11 pm and i`ve sat in the saloon for more than 6 hours and i`m the 1 who last to get out of the shop!!

And in those 6hours++, i`ve spend RM600. Thats RM100 for 1 hour and RM1.67 per minute and RM 0.03 per second. Haha

Amazing...!! o.O

Time to save now....=(

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deserve a much needed rest...

I`ve just finished my exam y`day. That the first time that i felt so much pressure and tension. Its because grandpa left us 4days before my exam and he was admitted to the hospital 1 weeks before my exam. I had so little time to study .

Grandpa had left us for 1 week now and went to parlour early this morning to settle things for grandpa. I miss grandpa so much..=(

Anyway, with things are almost settled and exam`s over. Its time for me to go for a short holiday, maybe? I really need some rest. Im so tired.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Loving Memory of Grandpa

My grandpa passed away on Thursday 13th of December. He left us at 8:10am peacefully. Its both bad news and good news for us. Bad cuz he`s no longer with us and good, cuz he no longer need to suffer anymore. Those 3days in hospital is bad enough for him. See him suffering from the sickness is hurtful enough for us to see and feel. Its so heartache seeing him in those condition.

Dear Ah Kung,

Although you`re not here with us anymore but in my heart and in our heart, you`re always here. Your loudness, your facial expression , everything.

I`ll miss the time where mum and i come fetch you to town everyday. I`ll miss the time where we spent our time with you and the time where you join us for UNO game.

But, think of it, its good that you left us for you no longer need to suffer anymore. Those 3 days is enough for you. Ahkung, you`re free from any sickness now. You no longer need to suffer from the sickness.

Don`t worry bout us, AhKung. We`ll take care of ourselves and will come to visit you when ever we can. You`re will never be forget by us. You`re always in our heart and the memories that you gave us,will always be in our heart.

There`s alot of things i wanted to tell you but its impossible for me to type out. I know you want us to be happy and we promise you, we won`t be sad for a long time.

I Love you, AhKung. I miss you forever.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


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Besides that, one should also consider well the length of the loan repay, and also the percentage of interest charged for the loan. Different package has different repayment length and interest percentage, thus wise decisions must be made when choosing a loan package. The repayment length cannot be too long as this will cause a burden to to loan taker. Choosing a longer repayment length is not that wise after all because the sum paid to the bank will be larger. Besides that, getting into a debt for a long time might cause some troubles in certain ways.

So, in short words, consider well and make wise decision when intend to take a loan. Pick the package that suits the most to your budget, and don't let the debt to be a big burden to you. Smart decisions can make you off the debts in easier ways.

For more information, you can refer to the websites below:
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Friday, December 7, 2007

Disney Live!

As mentioned before, we went to the Disney Live! Mickey`s Magic Show on the 3rd of Nov at PISA, Penang . Due to my " big head prawn" attitude, i forgot to post something bout it. =P

I asked permission from Woofy to get the tickets 1 day after the ad was out which on the 5th of Sept and i bought it on the 6th of Sept. Keke... 2 months before the show...

Our tickets

We`re not allow to take any pictures once we`re in the auditorium cuz according to the people in charged, by taking pictures, those magic will be revealed. 0.O is that possible? I dunno lo.. But we tried to take picture inside the auditorium but was caught by them and was asked to keep the camera away. So embarrassing.

We just managed to take some pictures at the outside of the auditorium which was reserved for the organizers to sell their merchandises.

Daddies and mummies rushing to buy some toys for their children.

Mickey and Minnie toys. Look at the price !!

Goofy`s electric fan and magic wand and Mickey`s glowing hat.

Disney`s princesses. If not mistaken, each for RM 20++.

One of my favourite. Not the lil`s boy. Those cups behind. Those colorful round round thingy is the ice ball. Each for RM30.

and....this is mine. I owned 3 including this. Hehe...=P

Overall, the show was a nice 1 and interesting. Nice show !!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tea Spa @ New World Park, Penang

Seems like New World Park is me and my friend new hangout place and for us to have our lunch now. It`s cause, every week if possible, we`ll go to the New World Park to have our lunch before heading back for our class, at least for this semester.

Anyway, again, we went to this newly opened shop called Tea Spa for our lunch. At 1st thought, we thought that its a place for spa using tea but we`re wrong. Its a restaurant. =P

We saw this place that served set lunch at RM9.90 and it caught our eyes. Thus, we went in and had our lunch there. 1st view of the restaurant, not bad. With kind of traditional Chinese feel.

So, allow me to intro you all to this place.

The ambiance, decor , etc :

Oh, they even have small little fishies under the seating area.

First glance, are the woods look real or fake to you?

To me, the wood looked like a real 1 to me but its a fake 1. They drew and paint the wall with some outdoor look . Amazing.

Our meal :

Set lunch that cost RM9.90 nett include : Soup of the day (not your ordinary mushroom soup or chicken soup but Chinese soup and today`s soup is "old cucumber" soup), Sweet and spicy chicken with fragrant rice, Iced Tea (can choose coffee too)

The dessert: mini cutie strawberry jelly. Small but yummy.

They also have "Char Yip Tan" (herbal egg)

We`re satisfied with our meal and like this shop. Will definitely go there and hangout some other time. And oh, they do serve other variety of meal and drinks - those traditional chinese tea.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time flies

Sure there do. Its the last month of the year 2007. Looking back, seems like it`s just few days ago that we celebrated the New Year but soon, its time to bid farewell to this year.

~Time, don`t move so fast can? ~

And, today, is the day that Woofy finally coming back from his working trip. He`s been away for 1 week. And yet, so many things happened all these while. Glad that its finally over now.

Thats all for now la.. Feel very sleepy.. Nite everybody...=)