Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year Eve....

Wow..time really goes so fast and without realizing it, today is the last day of 2007.

Seems like we just ushered the 2007 new year and now we`re going to celebrate the new year of 2008...

In this year, I`ve done alot of good and also bad things. Some happy and also sad moments. And of course, towards the end of the year, my days is not a good 1. People come and people go. Need to learn to let go sometimes. Still, I miss my grandpa so so so much..=( New year will never be the same anymore.

Anyway, this year is my 1st time sitting at the grandstand watching F1 live. So cool. Will definitely buy that seat again. =P

And, am i going to end this post for the year by :

~~~ I heard that petrol price going to increase by RM0.20. ~~~ How true is that, i dunno...but my mum and Woofy went to pump petrol d... Kekeke...Kiasuism strikes again..=P

Going anywhere to celebrate? We`re going to watch the fireworks tonight...=)



Kenny Ng said...

Wow... I still haven't got time n chance to watch F1 in any circuits b4 la...

Happy New Year to u~~~

day-dreamer said...

Happy 2008!

Psst, I heard it was a RM0.40 increase??!

Wyn said...

kenny korkor: Happy new year to live really syiok chance, watch it at Dubai there laa...more syiok i think...hehe

DD: happy 2008 to you.. aiya, those are just rumours...keke...tarak increase leh..they said after election wor...ard march..

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