Sunday, December 23, 2007

I spend $$$$

I think im insane. I think I`ve lost my mind. Even Woofy got a shock.

I went to the saloon and get my hair done. As usual for me, what i have as my initial plan will not be the one to be done.

I just wanted to a straightening/rebonding but i ended up doing treatment and glossing for my hair. Ouch...

The process started at 2.11 pm and i`ve sat in the saloon for more than 6 hours and i`m the 1 who last to get out of the shop!!

And in those 6hours++, i`ve spend RM600. Thats RM100 for 1 hour and RM1.67 per minute and RM 0.03 per second. Haha

Amazing...!! o.O

Time to save now....=(