Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tea Spa @ New World Park, Penang

Seems like New World Park is me and my friend new hangout place and for us to have our lunch now. It`s cause, every week if possible, we`ll go to the New World Park to have our lunch before heading back for our class, at least for this semester.

Anyway, again, we went to this newly opened shop called Tea Spa for our lunch. At 1st thought, we thought that its a place for spa using tea but we`re wrong. Its a restaurant. =P

We saw this place that served set lunch at RM9.90 and it caught our eyes. Thus, we went in and had our lunch there. 1st view of the restaurant, not bad. With kind of traditional Chinese feel.

So, allow me to intro you all to this place.

The ambiance, decor , etc :

Oh, they even have small little fishies under the seating area.

First glance, are the woods look real or fake to you?

To me, the wood looked like a real 1 to me but its a fake 1. They drew and paint the wall with some outdoor look . Amazing.

Our meal :

Set lunch that cost RM9.90 nett include : Soup of the day (not your ordinary mushroom soup or chicken soup but Chinese soup and today`s soup is "old cucumber" soup), Sweet and spicy chicken with fragrant rice, Iced Tea (can choose coffee too)

The dessert: mini cutie strawberry jelly. Small but yummy.

They also have "Char Yip Tan" (herbal egg)

We`re satisfied with our meal and like this shop. Will definitely go there and hangout some other time. And oh, they do serve other variety of meal and drinks - those traditional chinese tea.


day-dreamer said...

Nice ambience to have lunch, eh?

And RM9.90 for a set lunch is reasonable.

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

yea, indeed...

nice ambiance, makan also happy..keke..

Anonymous said...

Hi, came across your blog on this Tea Spa. I went to New World Park, Penang today (7/10) to look for it but could not find the place. Already "gulung tikar"?