Friday, December 7, 2007

Disney Live!

As mentioned before, we went to the Disney Live! Mickey`s Magic Show on the 3rd of Nov at PISA, Penang . Due to my " big head prawn" attitude, i forgot to post something bout it. =P

I asked permission from Woofy to get the tickets 1 day after the ad was out which on the 5th of Sept and i bought it on the 6th of Sept. Keke... 2 months before the show...

Our tickets

We`re not allow to take any pictures once we`re in the auditorium cuz according to the people in charged, by taking pictures, those magic will be revealed. 0.O is that possible? I dunno lo.. But we tried to take picture inside the auditorium but was caught by them and was asked to keep the camera away. So embarrassing.

We just managed to take some pictures at the outside of the auditorium which was reserved for the organizers to sell their merchandises.

Daddies and mummies rushing to buy some toys for their children.

Mickey and Minnie toys. Look at the price !!

Goofy`s electric fan and magic wand and Mickey`s glowing hat.

Disney`s princesses. If not mistaken, each for RM 20++.

One of my favourite. Not the lil`s boy. Those cups behind. Those colorful round round thingy is the ice ball. Each for RM30.

and....this is mine. I owned 3 including this. Hehe...=P

Overall, the show was a nice 1 and interesting. Nice show !!


day-dreamer said...

Eeeee... I also wanted to go!! But didn't have the chance... T_T

Chen said...

RM 134.75 per ticket.
so expensive..
I can eat lotsa things with that amount of money :D

Wyn said...

DD : dun chance 1.. come here of to KL lor..they often got show over here and KL...=)

Chen jiejie: thats after discount lor..before discount was ard RM150..but think of it, you`re correct geh..can makan alot with that amount...hehe

Jellyfish said...

pengsan..... so rich....

Winn said...

not expensive's cheaper for them to come here than us goig there:P

wendy yan said...

haha..this 1 i got go...i wan go next time..bring me go la jie jie..
i will do my very very best in my exam la..ok?

日月神教-任我行 said...