Monday, April 30, 2007

Sweet Tooth - Pez

Woofy bought me a new "toy" but it a edible "toy". Its called Pez candy. They have this special dispenser where you keep the BonBon. Its what they call their candy. Cute name, eh?

Anyway, theres alot of dispenser for collection. From Disney characters to Star Wars. You name it, they got it ( i think)

Woofy get me Piglet from the Pooh series. Its so cute.... :P

The Piglet Pez.....


Following, this is step by step on how u eat the candy....(hee hee)

First, of course you needa open the packet. Then, you`ll get this...

After that, sort out the Pez candy or BonBons. In this case, its apple flava....

Open up the wrapper for the BonBons and get ready to load them.

After that, pull the dispenser from the "head".

Soon after that, you can load in ur BonBons inside the space given.......

And`re done. You can eat ur candy by just tilt the head backward.

And you enjoy the candy and you can also play or display the dispenser as toy. If you`re interested, you can take a look here at Pez.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Valentine's Dinner @ Haagen Dazs, Belissa Row - Backdated

Woofy bought me to had a valentine's dinner at the Haagen Dazs outlet on the 14th of Feb this year. He had to book a place earlier cause they had a very limited place customers. Around 20 tables per hour.

On that day, upon reached, we received a goodie bad that included magazine, free voucher, calender, key chain , etc. Then they proceed us to our table which located upstairs of the outlet.

After that, they served us the drinks and then the main course - Chocolate Fondue with the Valentine theme. Its different from the normal chocolate fondue that we had.

This is because, from the normal round round ice cream scoop, we had the heart shaped ice cream. Everything that they served on the fondue were heart in shape. Make it kinda looked special and extra sweet. *grin*

The drinks...This only available on that day. Kinda yummy...

The fondue.

The heart shape ice cream....

......and the heart shape cakes, cookies

Ice cream dip in the hot yummy choco

But this doesn't come cheap thou. But that makes me a happy girl that day. =)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Green Green Scenery

Looking back tru this blog, seem that theres alot of food posts. Dont wana post bout food for the moment. But beside posting bout food, i got nth to blog about.

I was looking tru my photo album and i came across to this green green scenery that Woofy once took.

There's something extra on the tree....see it?

Obviously, im lacking of things to blog about. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kanzai Cat

What is this Kanasai Kanzai Cat? It's a new collection toys from Memory Lane. It's kinda cute thou (in my opinion). They have 10 cute lil kitties cats from that range. Each with different name with different meaning to it and also with different colours.

Woofy bought me 2 of the Kanasai Kanzai Cat. (y i keep type wrong 1? Hee hee...) *purposely 1*.

These are the kitties kitties cats....

This is the blue blue kitty named Banzai. The meaning for this kitty is : A desperado - an adventurous spirit, always wandering off .

This is reddie kitty cat namely Cherry Blossom which means Charming and flirtatious, a free spirit with a gentle heart.

Theres alot more for this toys. Got green colour 1 (Wasabi), white 1 ( Zen), etc etc...I just remember that 2...=P

Anyone wana buy me the rest? Thank you in advance...keke...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Late Lunch Post.....

Yeap...its another late lunch post. But this time, we had it at Kim Gary, Gurney Plaza. We love to have our lunch, tea time or even sumtimes dinner there. Its kinda cheap thou...and if you order the set meal, you`ll get free drinks, soup and also dessert.

This is what we had....

Our drinks. On the left is mine - 'Yin Yong' Hong Kong Style and on the right is Woofy`s - Lemon Coke.

This is my favourite - Cream Soup.

One of my favourite dishes - Sliced pork in 'Szechuan' style baked cheese rice.( aiya, d name is sumthing like dat laa...forget d name liao) keke...

The cheesie cheesie...yummm yummm......

This is what Woofy had. Fried rice with beef...

The dessert.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Late Lunch @ Nando's

Its been a long time since we step our foot inside the Nando's Restaurant. So, last Friday, we had our late lunch at Nando's at Queensbay Mall.

We ordered the normal 1/4 chicken set that comes with 2 side dishes and 2 glasses of drinks. I ordered a sparkling apple juice and Woofy ordered a Sprite

This is the Nando's menu.

The sparkling apple that I ordered.

Woofy's Sprite.

The main course. 1/4 chicken and 2 side dishes. Mediterranean rice and coleslaw.

Result: Yummy yummy meal . *slurp*

Saturday, April 21, 2007


On our way back to Penang from our KL trip, Woofy decided to take the old route instead of the North-South Highway.

From KL, we stop by at Bidor, Perak. Its a kinda small town to me. But according to Woofy, Bidor is famous with their biscuits. Therefore, Woofy took me to this place called Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits and Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. where its famous with their Chicken Biscuits a.k.a kai chai pheng.

We bought a packet of Ham Cit Soo Biscuit (so weird 1 d name) , Heong Peah (fragrant biscuits?), kaya kok (triangular shape of biscuit with kaya paste inside) and also lou poh pheng (wify biscuit- only wife can eat...) keke...

Anyway, there are the few pictures that i took....

This is the shop.

The Ham Cit Soo Biscuit.

The Lou Poh Biscuits and Kaya-kok.

The Heong heong biscuits.

Happy Weekend...!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Onion Tag

Aiyok, kena tagged by AhBoy the handsome plak. On the other hand, " 1st ever tag..." So happy... Hee hee...*weirdo me*

For this tag, I need to peel layers by layers 1. Why you ask me...Its onion laa...Of cuz need to peel the skin off 1 mer....Aiseh...=P

The tag goes like this .....

Layer One - On The Outside
Name: Meow Meow ( those who know me, will know my name) =)
Birth Date: 1st of May ( coming soon wor, sek jou laa..hee hee)
Current Status: I think here, it means my mood now? But anyway, Im kinda sleepy...*yawn*
Eye Color: I go see see mirror...look brown brown wor...
Hair Color: Brownish
Righty or Lefty: Both oso ada...I got both righty and lefty hands...

Layer Two - On The Inside
My Heritage: Chinese
My Fears: Alot wor..such as, being alone, loud loud thunder, stupiak and super annoying buggies, etc etc...*scary*
My Weaknesses:Many name a few : cutie stuffs, clothes, foods, MONEY...*$$$$*
My Perfect Pizza: who cares? as long as its pizza and edible..but but no beef, no mutton plz...

Layer Three - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts first thing when I wake up: Geez, need to go for class...GOT presentation today...ISH!!!
My Bedtime: Depends on mood but usually ard 12 - 1 am
My Most Missed Memory: Waking up late and no need to go for class in the morning

Layer Four - My Picks
Pepsi or Coke: Both oso can but prefer Vanilla Coke
McDonald’s or Burger King: Yummilicous. I wan BOTH
Single or Group Dates: Prefer single date but the more the merrier
Adidas or Nike: Neither. Prefer K-Swiss
Tea or Nestea: As long as its tea. Love tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Wan Rum 'n' Raisin from Haagen-Dazs, can?
Cappucino or Coffee: I wan caramel macchiato from StarBucks

Layer Five - Do I..
Smoke: Eeeewww....Nopie
Curse: Got lor. When angry -angry time
Take a Shower: Of cuz. Else busuk-busuk
Have a Crush: Hee hee *blushed*
Think I’ve been in Love: eeee...why ask ppl this kinda question 1? malu ler...
Go to School: Sure do
Want to get Married: *blushed*
Believe in Myself: Of cuz. If you dun believe in yourself, no 1 will believe you. Dats wat i think.
Think I’m a Health Freak: Nah.

Layer Six - In The Past Month..

Drank Alcohol: Nah
Gone to the Mall: Yeap
Been on Stage: Got but those happened long time ago luu
Eaten Sushi: Ya ya. Just last week
Dyed your Hair: Nopie.

Layer Seven - Have I Ever..
Played a Stripping Game: Nah. Malu ler
Changed Who I Am to Fit In: Eh? How to answer this 1? Dun understand leh

Layer Eight - Age..
I am Hoping To Be Married: When the time is right...=)

Layer Nine - In a Girl/Guy..
Best Eye Color: Blue ( like angmoh)
Best Hair Color: What color also can as long as not too over lor
Short or Long Hair: Short

Layer Ten - What Was I Doing..
1 Min Ago: Doing this peeling onion tag
1 Hour Ago: Tengah buat cake
4.5 Hours Ago: Just finished class
1 Month Ago: Forget d long d
1 Year Ago: 1 month oso forget d...what more its 1 year..Aiseh

Layer Eleven - Finish The Sentence
I Love: to merajuk
I Feel: boring
I Hate: going class and doing assignments
I Hide: my secrets
I Need: money

Layer Twelve - Tag Five People..
This 1 hard laa...Just start this blogging thing, Tarak ppl for me to tage yet except Chen Jiejie...Dun mind hor?

Yay...finish my 1st ever tag liao...YAY YAY....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ice Cream anyone?

Looking back the pictures in my PC. I stumbled upon this nice n yummy ice cream. Still remember it was Saturday noon time and we decided to indulge ourselves with some ice cream.

Therefore, we went to Haagen-Dazs for ice cream. We chose the new item of that month but have forgotten bout the name of the ice cream.

The ice cream is so yummy. It came with 2 scoops of both choco n vanilla with a brownie under the ice cream. They also include a thick melted choco to eat with the ice cream.

The yummilicious ice cream.

The choco ice cream and brownie at the bottom.

The thick choco.

So, who wana spend me ice cream? =P

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Are you a Mach person?

Hmmm...What is the Mach thingy? No, its not a person name...Its just a term that i learnt from my Management class today under the chapter of Organization Behavior.

Mach here is stands for Machiavellianism. According to Wikipedia, Machiavellianism is primarily the term some social and personality psychologist use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain.

This is a bad behavior. I dun think people should have this behavior in them. But who cares right, this is the reality. Its a "dogs eat dogs" world out there. *sigh*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Eye On Malaysia

During our trip to watch the F1 race at KL, I asked Woofy to bring me to visit the famous ferris wheel in Malaysia, The Eye on Malaysia.

It was drizzling that night. I just wanna take a look at the ferris wheel but Woofy took me to take a ride on it. o.O happy happy me. Hee hee.

We went to purchase the tickets which cost us RM 15 per person. It was a 12 min per ride(according to the website).

The wheel was 60 metres above the Lake Titiwangsa and overlook the famous buildings like the Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower.

The RM30 for 2 ticket.

The famous Eye On Malaysia.

High up from the ground.

Took this inside the gondola. (kinda blurry cuz was drizzling out there)

Nonetheless, it was a fun experience. Can say once in a life time? Cuz this ride are available till the end of this year.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grossy Sunday

Since its Sunday and we got NBTD. We create a theme for today which is " The Grossy Sunday" that featuring.............

Wanna know whats that? Then plz scroll down.....























It's Bobo's piece of art. Very artistic, innit?=)

Hee hee....Any grossy stuff wana share?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sepang F1 07

*Heavy loaded with pictures. This gonna be a very long post. Sorry for that*

We went to the Sepang F1 Circuit on the 8th of April for one of the hottest race in the F1 calendar, Sepang, KL. We started our journey at 11.30am but we only reached there ard 2pm due to the massive jam along the highway to the circuit.This is our 2nd year to watch the F1 race and this time we bought the grandstand seats instead of the hillstand which we bought last year.

The race started at 3pm and ends 2 hours later. It was won by Mclaren's Fernando Alonso and his team mate Lewis Hamilton. The 3rd place went to (in my honest honest opinion, the most leng chai in F1) Kimi Raikkonen of the Ferrari team.

After the race, we quickly ran to the other side of the grandstand to watch the podium ceremony. It was my 1st time watching that ceremony live instead of in front of the TV.

We are not allow to enter the SIC area if we didn't purchase the parking ticket. Therefore, we went to buy the ticket that cost us RM50 +_+ *ouch*

The parking ticket. I'm still keeping it.Hee hee

Massive massive jam. *sweat*

Our RM199 per tic. Normal price for 1 day cost RM500 but we purchased them during their promo time. Good deal...

The Sepang F1 Circuit.

The entrance of the SIC that leads to the Mall Area where the grandstand seats are located.

This is the BMW Sauber's F1 car display at the entrance.

Cool Ferrari F430 sports car. O_o *so sexy*

The Mall Area. Lotsa merchandise for sales there.

Ferrari F1 car that driven by Kimi Raikkonen. This is the only shot I took during the race.

The podium ceremony.

Kimi claiming his trophy.

Spraying champagne time.

The Scuderia Ferrari pit wall.

A spoiled Williams that kena towed away by a truck.

Kimi during the conference after the podium ceremony.

The pit wall of the F1 teams and thats the paddock area on top of the pit wall area.

.........And and, I saw Kimi on that day. So happy...HEE HEE...=P

ps: can someone teach me how to upload video? I tried to upload the F1 video. The sound are very amazing.

Juz realised, today is Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious person?