Friday, April 27, 2007

Valentine's Dinner @ Haagen Dazs, Belissa Row - Backdated

Woofy bought me to had a valentine's dinner at the Haagen Dazs outlet on the 14th of Feb this year. He had to book a place earlier cause they had a very limited place customers. Around 20 tables per hour.

On that day, upon reached, we received a goodie bad that included magazine, free voucher, calender, key chain , etc. Then they proceed us to our table which located upstairs of the outlet.

After that, they served us the drinks and then the main course - Chocolate Fondue with the Valentine theme. Its different from the normal chocolate fondue that we had.

This is because, from the normal round round ice cream scoop, we had the heart shaped ice cream. Everything that they served on the fondue were heart in shape. Make it kinda looked special and extra sweet. *grin*

The drinks...This only available on that day. Kinda yummy...

The fondue.

The heart shape ice cream....

......and the heart shape cakes, cookies

Ice cream dip in the hot yummy choco

But this doesn't come cheap thou. But that makes me a happy girl that day. =)


day-dreamer said...

Wow, that's so nice!

I hadn't the chance to try Haagen Dazs' fondue yet. Hope will have a chance soon.

I really like their chocolate ice-cream, thick enough and yet not too sweet. But the price......

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


they're indeed pricey...but i got their SPC card...entitled for 20%..

come come, wen free, we go makan... =P

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