Thursday, April 5, 2007


Me and friend, A, planned to go eat pizza at Pizza Hut for a long time since December last year but somehow, our plan just won't work. Either due to my laziness or she's busy with her studies.After procrastinate it for such a long time, we finally able to make it.

After waited her class to finish at 1pm, we went to Prangin Mall for our pizza. There's not many people there. Guess business was getting bad for them?

But anyway, we ordered their new promotion item - Tropical Twist that comes with free drinks, mushroom soup and their famous Garlic Bread.

The Tropical Twist that tops with juicy pineapples, almond flakes, chunky chicken meat, red capsicums, mango salsa sauce and also lime mayo dressing.

After that, my friend wanted to order something extra to eat. Therefore, she ordered the Masala Spin Rolls as side dish.

The Masala Spin Rolls that comes with chunks of chicken Masala and tomato in a thin layer of Mozzarella cheese-served in a light and crispy Tortilla wrap with cool lime mayonnaise dip.

Our opinion: The Tropical Twist taste was ok but we don't really fancy it. We prefer their previous original pizzas like the Hawaiian Pizza and etc. For the Masala Spin Rolls, the Tortilla wrap were not crispy enough. ( we kena tipu-ed by the picture of the menu) =(

Disclaimer: The above are just our opinion towards the food and we don`t mean anything to mislead anyone here...heehee...


Chen said...

I also haven't step my foot inside Pizza Hut for ages :P
To me, despite the different toppings, they all tasted similar.. Kkekkekke...

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

ya lor ya lor...n expensive..