Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its a HOLI----HOLI----DAY !!!

YAY...!!! Exam`s over...

Time to relax and start planning my holiday !!!!


so happy...hopefully, i manage to pass all my exams....*sigh*

~praying hard day and nite ~


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mt Erksine Hainan Western Food

Last Friday, Meowy and I brought her mum and uncle for a western food dinner at Mount Erskine. We picked that place because of 2 reasons: First, the food there is nice. Secondly, her uncle wanted to try out the well-known western food there. Hehe…

The shop.

We reached there at around 8.30pm, and as usual, the place is crowded - full with customers. But we were lucky and managed to get our seats as soon as we were there. Without letting our tummy to keep feeling hungry, we ordered our food. The waiting time is a bit long because there were many customers, but who cares when you know that you’re going to have some nice food? Hehe… Anyway, we ordered the following food:

Butter Garlic Fish

Black Pepper Steak

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Maryland

And we have nice drinks as well, the 契家婆 Kick-a-poo! Keke…

The Kick-a-poo :P

The food we had was nice, and it was considerably cheap as well, all for around RM40 including drinks. Worth, isn’t it? Hehe…

P/S: After that, we went to Batu Feringghi to look for some DVD movies, but all the stalls closed le… Muz be the MPPP punya pasal…. Sien… :(

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blueberry Cheese Tart

Few weeks ago, i got this urge to do some baking but for being a noob in bakery, i asked my mum to help me. After finding recipe that is much simpler, we headed to buy the ingredients.

A part of the ingredient : Cream cheese, blueberry jam, lemon, digestive biscuit, yogurt, and also gelatine (we use gelatine to replace egg cause i wanted to a eggless cheese tart )

This is the recipe that we used to make the cheese tart:
  • Tart Base
    200g Digestive Biscuits (finely crushed)
    100g Melted Butter


  • (A)
    250g Cream Cheese
    20g Sugar
  • (B)
    20g Sugar
    30g Lemon Juice (about 1 Lemon)
    1 Lemon Zest Grated
  • (C)
    1 1/2 tbsp Gelatine
    60g Water
  • (D)
  • 150g Whip Topping Cream (whipped) ~ instead of using whipping cream, we use yogurt


Tart Base

  1. Mix the biscuit base ingredients until well blended
  2. Press onto bottom of your desired mould
  3. Refrigerate while making the cream cheese filling


  1. Cream (A) until light and smooth
  2. Put (B) in a bowl and place over a double-boiler. Cook until light and fluffy while stirring constantly
  3. Premix (C) and place over double-boiler. Stir until gelatine dissolves. Add it into (B) and mix until well combined. Leave to cool slightly. Add into (A) and mix until well blended
  4. Fold in (D) and mix well
  5. Pour it onto the prepared biscuit base
  6. Refrigerate for 4 hours or till firm

The cheese mixture.

Pour the cheese mixture into the base.

End product....

As we have extra cheese mixture left, so we make it as blueberry cheesecake. =P

This is my first attempt on doing baking. Hehe. Not too bad for a 1st timer eh? =P

Monday, November 3, 2008


My goodness...I`ve abandoned my blog for so long and being so lazy. I got many things that i wanted to blog about but lack of motivation.

Been so hooked up with Facebook lately and hanging around at home doing nothing. Sucha bad attitude. T____T

Anyway, will blog lesser this few weeks as final exam is just around the corner. Need to buck up and start my engine for the race. Haha..!!

Please dont forget to visit here ya!!!

Have fun everyone and before i forget, its Woofy`s birthday today..So,