Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upcoming gadget target!

A week back, Meowy posted something on my fb wall. I saw it, and I chuckled. Rupa-rupanya she wanted a new gadget.. Haha... And interestingly, I myself like the gadget very much too! Oh well, this is what we want to get as our newcomer in our gadget list:

The latest, most stylish, most powerful, most sexy (this 1 actually reserved for meowy only hehe), most over spec-ed Android phone in the world -- Samsung Galaxy S II.

Ok. It looks almost quite similar than its predecessor, but, BUT, it has a much much much more powerful spec than Galaxy S. Dual Core processor, SUPER AMOLED Plus screen, 8MP autofocus camera with LED flash, and best of all, it uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Although I hope for 3.0 Honeycomb wahahaha).

Speaking of this, we actually intended to get Galaxy S during early this year, but instead we got the Wave. It is a nice phone, but the only hiccup is the OS, which is Samsung's own developed Bada OS. It lacks the popularity of iOS and Android, thus less apps, less fun. But most importantly, I promised Meowy before to get her an Android, so this will be one to fulfill my promise to her.

So far, only Maxis has bundled package for S II, and it had an overwhelming response - totally out of stock nationwide just 1-2 days after the launch! Hmm, now waiting for Digi to launch it, hope can get it as soon as possible!

Lastly, more photos and a review video to share below: