Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy "Niu" Year!!!

Woofy and Meowy would like to wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!!! May the year of the Ox brings you & your family lots of luck, wealth in abundance and never ending happiness !!!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Expensive milk

When we went to a mamak session, usually, my mama will ordered susu lembu (cow`s milk) which cost around RM 1.20 -RM 1.50 per glass.

Then, one nite, she decided to try something else. She ordered a susu kambing (goat`s milk) for herself. Before she ordered, mum was worried bout the taste of the milk cause we heard bout the foul taste of goat.(those who eat lamb will know)

The milk

Verdict : The milk got some funny taste. Mum didn`t finished the milk and it ended up in Woofy`s tummy. He said that after drink the milk, he feels very warm.

After that, we found something very shocking. Its the price of the milk. It cost us RM4 per glass. * faint *

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The last 2 days of 2008...

...we celebrated it with Bosco Wong, an actor turn singer from Hong Kong. He was in town for a small gig on d 30th of December. The show start at 9pm and he is really punctual. Not bad for a celebrity.

His actual purpose was to promote his new album and he sang two songs there and also sign autograph. Below are the pictures from that day :

Singing song

A scene where they are playing some games...

A closer look

Signing autograph

After the show, me and my cousin went near to the backstage to have a glimpse of him and I manage to shake his hand. Gosh, his hand`s so smooth. Smoother than me. =P Haha...

Then on the New Year eve, Bosco was at Queensbay Mall for the countdown and we`re there too. Stalking him,perhaps? Hehe...

Counldnt see too clear of him cause there were too many people and we stand real far from the stage. Abit disappointed. Hmmmm...

Well, after the countdown, we`re heading back to the parking space and my cousin called me. She said Bosco was at the Kim Gary having some supper. After some thinking, I made the decision and straight heading to Kim Gary with my mum and Woofy where we saw him there having interviews.

These are the pictures that i took :

The stage....

Bosco at Kim Gary doing interviews

Some " yam seng" session with Ying Yong drinks. LOL

Doing interview with Astro channel 304 Jia Yu...

He left the restaurant at around 1am. Then, me and mum rushed to the entrance of the restaurant and we managed to touch him. HAHAHAHA...We`re sucha pervert lor...!!!!

Sungguh memalukan...=P

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today marks the day where i start my final semester for my degree. After this, I`ll be doing my intern then if everything is going smoothly, i`ll be heading to the new chapter of my life - working.

I hope i do well in my studies and smoothly land a job for myself for intern. *pray hard hard*

A short update to remind myself of today. =)

Will update soon. Stay tune, ya.