Monday, January 19, 2009

Expensive milk

When we went to a mamak session, usually, my mama will ordered susu lembu (cow`s milk) which cost around RM 1.20 -RM 1.50 per glass.

Then, one nite, she decided to try something else. She ordered a susu kambing (goat`s milk) for herself. Before she ordered, mum was worried bout the taste of the milk cause we heard bout the foul taste of goat.(those who eat lamb will know)

The milk

Verdict : The milk got some funny taste. Mum didn`t finished the milk and it ended up in Woofy`s tummy. He said that after drink the milk, he feels very warm.

After that, we found something very shocking. Its the price of the milk. It cost us RM4 per glass. * faint *