Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka .....Merdeka....Merdeka....

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-50!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some games review : Part 1

Oh well, during this 4 weeks of my holiday, I`ve finished quite a number of games.

Woofy scared that I`ll be bored during my holidays and he kept finding new games for me to play and to keep my occupied and to pass my time with. But little to his expectation that I`ll finished those games in sucha short period and to time, I`ve just finished another game.

Let see how many game(s) that I`ve finished ya....: ( not in order )

This game is about puzzle solving and solving the mysteries of the Azada where you need to find the hidden items required and solve a series of puzzle to retrieve a clue from each level. The story of this game is about releasing Titus(lead 'actor' of the game) where he was trapped by magic spell by his great uncle.

My review : Some of the puzzles are repeat and were easy to solve. But there are some that are kinda hard. Need some thinking.

I just finished this game today. Kinda addictive game. Like the previous 1, its a finding item and solving puzzles and mysteries game. Its about finding the lost lottery ticket and player play the role as the private investigator. One will need to find all the items required in order to retrieve a puzzle like clue for the final retrieving the lost ticket.

My review : Kinda nice game which required some knowledge of words which are quite uncommon. Dun need much thinking and skills. Levels are some what easy to pass.

This game is about satisfying customers their hunger by preparing the burger of their choice. All the "action" must be fast or else customers will leave and leave you insufficient of value or goal to go to the next level.

My review : Fun game but "action" must be fast cuz they keep upgrading new recipe or menu of each level you`ve achieved. Need some strategy or else you cant pass the level and will need to re-play the same level again.

Guess everybody is some what familiar with this reality show. The game is almost something like what you`ve seen in the show. Achieve the target or highest score than your competitor in order to escape the boardroom and hearing " You`re FIRED!" by Mr. Trump.

My review : Kinda easy to achieve the goal if you`re familiar with the game and controlling. Some strategies are needed but not all are applicable. The last task are probably the hardest of all.

Continue the others some other time as its time for me to hit the shack. Hee hee. Nite everyone.=)

** to be continue......

Monday, August 27, 2007


Its really hard to understand human`s behavior. What you want is not what you get. When you have given out something or done something, people not necessary accept it or feel grateful for what you have or had done for them.

What is one actually thinking? We do not know. And certainly, not everyone are perfect. How can someone expect the other people to be what they want? Its so unpredictable. This minute, they can be extra friendly or normal and at the next minute, their behavior totally 180 degrees changed. Its like the weather at times. You wont know when the storm gonna happened even though there weather forecaster.

How come people tends to complaint about others bad points but not their own bad points? Is it as the old chinese saying " The mirror reflect others but not you"? How come its so unfair?

They tend to have their own thinking even though its not exactly the same as what the others are thinking? Can you just stand on others point of view and think? Can you please dont always think negatively and be so emotional? Other people will have different point of view. Not everybody will have the same thinking like yours.

What other says just let it be. Why you want to be so sensitive about it? How come you dont understand what Im trying to tell you and accept my explanation? How come you`re so bias?

Why you always expect me or everyone around you to understand your need and live up to your expectation? But when we asked you, you get frustrated and angry. Then you say those hard and harsh words. Isn't that too much? You kept saying that its not a god behavior but yet, you`re the one who show it.

And why people cant keep their mouth shut? Why want to bother people`s things and screw up people`s life? Why kept controlling people`s life and plans? Always want us to follow whatever you asked us to do.

WHY WHY WHY....All i want is just for you to understand and yet you have your own thinking and say me hurt you. Who hurt who? I tried to bear with you. I tried to swallow everything that you complaint. I tried to live up to your expectation. I tried. We tried.

Life is so unpredictable and so unfair.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day for me and also my family. Early in the morning, my mum received a call from my aunt saying that my grandpa was sick.

She then rushed to my grandpa`s place and see hows he doing. After that, I went to my grandpa`s place to fetch my mum for breaky.

** Fast forward to evening time**

As usual, I was having my nap and suddenly my mum woke me up cuz again my aunt called my mum informed her that my grandpa fell down and knocked his head. Was bleeding.

Luckily, Woofy was home on time and fetched my mum to my grandpa`s place and to help around. He was ok though. Just that he feel weak cuz he din eat for the whole day and feel dizzy when he woke up and try to walk to the door to let my aunt in.

Woofy came back home in few hours and bathed then together, we went to fetch my mum for dinner.

After finished makan, my mum receieved a call from my dad. Dad said that my grandma called my mum and informing her that my great grandfather had passed away.T.T

Juz barely week ago, we went to KL to visit him and doctor even said that he`s still strong and was able to discharge from hospital in few days time and yet this happened. =(

Will be heading to KL tomorrow for the funeral.

~~ Rest in peace, tai`ll be missed by us...~~


Thursday, August 23, 2007


Im so addicted to this game called Diner Dash : Flo On the Go lately. Been hooked up on the game for past few weeks and playing the game from morning to night. Hee hee.

Dunno why, but once I play the game, I cant stop the game and need my mum to call me for my lunch and dinner. =P

Basically, this is an action strategy game where players take the role as Flo which involves seating customers and meeting their needs. You`ll need to meet the basic criteria or goal in order to proceed to the next level.

Im currently stuck on level 46 which already took me 3 dayz and yet, i cant pass that level. =( Its getting so hard.

Oh well, its time to play the game. Hee hee. Any nice game to play? Intro to me wor. Thanx. Have a nice day ya....=)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What makes a good supper?

When you`re hungry at nite, whats the 1st food that you think of?

May it be , Mr. Ramli`s burger or Mr. Maggi`s noddle or some other yummy light food....

What came into our mind which include me and my cousin was this......


We`ll eat this delicious "Roti Tisu" every week if we can coz we super *heart* this food. Hee hee...Seldom can see those roti guy make the roti tisu that can stand this tall...

Ooooo....yummy..but think bout it..I din have my Roti Tisu last week...=( Cuz went to a super rush trip down to KL last Saturday to send and visit my great grandfather who admited to the hospital...

~~ Speedy recovery ya, tai kung...~~ =)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dinner @ La Cabana

Woofy brought me and my mama to this restaurant called the La Cabana for our dinner few weeks ago. My aunt told me bout the restaurant and claimed that the food that they served are not bad and the environment are kinda nice and clam. That makes me wanted to try out their food and asked Woofy to bring me and my mama there.

But we`re fooled by the menu located outside that stated "Set Dinner ~ Buy 3 sets free 1 sets that cost RM39.90~ Therefore, upon arrived to the restaurant, we asked the waitress about the menu in which she said that what stated in the menu was true. We thought " Wow, thats a bargain....So cheap" But as we ordered our food, the same waitress came and said that, RM39.90 is per set and not as she said earlier RM39.90 for 3 sets. * misleading...*

Since we already arrived at the restaurant, we went ahead to order the food. What we ordered are not from the set dinner but from the menu as ala-carte itself.

Woofy ordered a Cajun Chicken (forget the full name), my mama ordered a Grilled Salmon and me ordered a Tuna Pasta. The taste is not bad and quite tasty but for the dinner itself, kinda pricey. The environment are as claimed by my aunt. Nice ambiance.

The Menu

This is the menu for the set dinner

They served bread as an appetizer?

Cute design for butter

Woofy`s Cajun Chicken

My mama`s Grilled Salmon

My Tuna Pasta

Deco in the restaurant

We enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant and quite satisfied with the quality and the taste of the food. As for the damage? The dinner cost about RM 60++ including tax. But not so worth it, cuz its without dessert and drinks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Investment

I received this email from a friend of mine few days ago. In my opinion, I felt that its kinda true about the whole thing of the email and I would like to share it with you all.

Invest in a woman

It's a great fortune to invest your time in a woman, especially a good woman. If you are an experienced man, you would certainly agree with me.

Women are peculiar species. If you have succeeded in conquering her heart, she will ceaselessly sacrifice for you till the end of your life.

Just think over, you just spend a little of your time to go out for dinner with her, watch a movie or give her a simple gift, or say a few words to touch her heart or you promise her that you will bring happiness till the end of her life, or take time to help her kill some cockroaches in the kitchen, or sometimes spend some efforts helping her to carry some heavy stuff, or to open the car door for her. Continue to do all the above things and care for her well-being for 2 to 3 years to come……..

What do you get in return?

You will be amazed to find that you have a woman whom would continue to care for your well-being for the rest of your life. She will wait for you at the door steps with a naïve and sweet smile each time when you meet her (of course, you don't get the sweet smile when you are arguing with her), nevertheless, she would still prepare a warm dinner for you after the heated argument has faded away…

The greatest of all things she has done for her life, is to give birth to your child (of course, the unbearable pain need not be mentioned here)… She would continue to care and feed the child that carry your surname for many years to come no matter how naughty your child would be.

On top of that, she also does the thing you that hated the most, i.e. doing housework, washing your clothes, sleep your child and tossing alone in the bedroom waiting for you at night for your return. For some of you, you would rather spend some time drinking with your friends at the bar and telling her that you have important assignments in the office, letting her to wait for your return in the living room till the wee hours of the morning …

When you are down, she will be the first to encourage you. When you are happy, she would be the first to feel for your happiness before you open your mouth to tell her by looking at your face. When you achieve some good results at work or assignments, she feels the happiness with all her heart and pray to God to protect and bless you with more successes in the future.

Despite all the above, you repay her by asking her to talk less and tell her not to bother your work. You ask her to sleep when she wanted to spend some precious time with you sharing with some simple happenings of the day. Sometimes, you are too proud to take her out when you are out with your friends. Can you feel that the suffering that she has to endure for the next 30 years of her life staying with someone like you?

And for men, for the next 30 years, what do you do to repay her gratitude; you are only capable to continue to do what you know…….to work

Please continue to appreciate the woman of your life….

If you noticed that if there any women whom start to show some sacrifices to you, your door to the days of happiness has opened before you ….

Please grab the opportunity to share the happiness with her and help her to be the man of her dreams….

What you think about the email above? Make sense? =)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sight-seeing @ Ipoh : Part 2

This is the continuation from the part1 here. After we left the Nam Thean Tong, we searched for a good few minutes to the routes to our next destination.

3rd and final stop : Kek Look (Lok) Tong

This cave located at the inner side of the housing area. You need to pass tru the housing area in order to go there. Therefore, for us, who dont have any map with us, its kinda hard to find but we manage to get ourselves there.

Its very cold , windy and calm in that cave. I think its because the cave is very big and with beutiful scenery too. We made a short stop at the temple cause was raining heavily at that time as you can see from the pic posted above and below.

The road to the cave.

Inside the cave. Some random shots of the cave.

A big hole in the middle of the cave.

I did mentioned bout the scenery right? Its really beautiful. Woofy tried to capture the scenery with rain pouring down but guess the camera too lousy. Geez...

Background scenery that looked like Genting. Misty misty...

Shooting up hoping to get some image of the raindrops. =(

Anyway, we left after a few minutes as the rain was getting heavier. Was soaking wet when we got into the car. What a trip!! After that, we went to *feed* our tummy as was hungry at that time. That is when we went to have our "chicky chicky" meal. Hee hee...=)

But the rain never subside as it rained all the way back to Penang. What a weather....Hrmph..Bad day to go on a trip...

Rain rain and rain....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Something to eat during tea time

Supposed to post this during tea time. But,heck, since I got nothing special to blog about, might as well post this up. =)

So, in your opinion, what makes a good tea time? For me, it will be something light, not too full and not too, well, empty? Keke...Not too heavy. =P

Went to this stall at town for tea time but you can eat this for your breakfast too. Me and my mum often eat this as our breakfast.

Its toast bread with a cup of coffee and if you like, you can order eggs to go with your bread too. Its kinda special during their toasting process as they dont use the normal toaster but a traditional "oven" using a big "can". I`ll show you how the "oven" looks like.

This is the counter where they prepare your order.

This is the "oven" that Im talking about. Very traditional.

Notice the whitish thing inside the opening?

A closer look. Thats the bread. They use heat from the burning charcoal above to toast the bread.

This is how they do it.

Will need to turn the bread to toast the other side of the bread and MUST jaga the bread. If not, the bread will get burned from the pieces of charcoal falling down.

The outcome:
Hot coffee.

The toasted bread.

This stall is very famous in town. Lots of working people went there for breakfast and tea time. For a set of bread with 2 pieces of breads cost RM1.80 in which you can either have it with peanut butter, butter with sugar, jam or kaya.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I bought this new item from McDonald few weeks ago. Its called the Shake Shake Fries but if im not mistaken, its not that new cause they have the exactly same item few years back. Hmmmm...Is it Mcd or some other fast food restaurant? Forget d =(

But anyway, its nothing special. Its just like your ordinary fries except for some seasoning or flavoring. Like the Mamee.

1st of all, pour your fries into the shaker bag. Then, put in the seasoning ( in this case, its seaweed seasoning)

The seasoning (seaweed flavor)

The normal fries before putting in the seasoning

Seasoning + Fries = ready to shake

After that, close the lid and shake shake and shake shake. Then you`re ready to eat your shaker fries. Yummy...=)

Close the shaker bag lid and get ready to shake shake shake.=)

Yum yum...=^o^=

A regular packet of shaker fries cost for RM3 and RM4 for a large size.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Flowers and Plants

Woofy was looking for some plants for his working project. I followed him to look for the things he need and suprised to see so many nice nice flowers and plants.

Saw these cute cactuses....
......didn`t know that cactus came in LOVE shape with cute lil` butterfly....

Then this "ong lai" plant or pineapple shaped plant....very famous among the Chinese especially during the Chinese New Year...

Few of my relatives bought them to deco their houses...supposed to bring "ong" wor...

The Pitcher Plant or known as Periuk Kera....

Is this Morning Glory? but sure look nice and pretty...

Try a close up mode but proof to me that my photography skill - FAILED .... blury....aih...-.-

Proceed to the next plant....

Dunno what plant is this but look well-shaped.Hmmm

Saw this yellow nice....

Tried another close-up shot....but failed too...=(

Outside the shop, saw this lonely ranger standing tall alone....

Tried another close-up shot.....

....ahhhhh!!! FINALLY.....i get something correct although its not so nice...heeheee=)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sight-seeing @ Ipoh : Part 1

As mentioned here before, Woofy took us (my mama,cousin and me) to Ipoh for some sight-seeing and praying few weeks ago.

Along the way to Ipoh, the weather was not that good as the sky blackblack and show some sign of raining soon.

Clouds forming and black black

Wah black evening time..

Our guess were correct. It rained so heavily that its so hard to see the road.

Wah....rain heavy oh...kenot see the road...

We pray and pray that it will stop raining as we dont want the rain to ruin our trip. But our answer was answered half only cuz it was drizzling as we reached Ipoh. Haih..-.-

Reached Ipoh`s street. Still drizzling.

As we dont have map with us , we searched and searched for the destination that we wanted to go. After searching and looking for road sign for few minutes, we finally found our way and we reached to our 1st destination safe and sound. Hee hee.

1st stop : Ling Shen Tong

There`s lotsa statues deities in this temple that located throughout the front yard. There`s also some cutie animals for children to hop on but due to the raining weather, couldnt take pix.

After spending sometime at the temple, we quickly run back to the car as it started to rain again. Then we proceed to the next stop.

2nd stop : Nam Thean Tong

At this temple, there`s not much statues deities around. Went for some informal praying then we walked around to see see. But what we saw are not those deities but lotsa ah pek around. They are yelling and shouting and scolding. We`re so curious bout what they are doing and quite suprised to know the answer.

Apparently, that Sunday was a horsing day or racing day. They were gambling at that very temple. Can they do that? I dunno. Hee Hee...but thats life. They`re just having fun with their friends. =)

After that, we proceed to the next temple. Shall continue next time....(^o^)