Friday, August 3, 2007

Sight-seeing @ Ipoh : Part 1

As mentioned here before, Woofy took us (my mama,cousin and me) to Ipoh for some sight-seeing and praying few weeks ago.

Along the way to Ipoh, the weather was not that good as the sky blackblack and show some sign of raining soon.

Clouds forming and black black

Wah black evening time..

Our guess were correct. It rained so heavily that its so hard to see the road.

Wah....rain heavy oh...kenot see the road...

We pray and pray that it will stop raining as we dont want the rain to ruin our trip. But our answer was answered half only cuz it was drizzling as we reached Ipoh. Haih..-.-

Reached Ipoh`s street. Still drizzling.

As we dont have map with us , we searched and searched for the destination that we wanted to go. After searching and looking for road sign for few minutes, we finally found our way and we reached to our 1st destination safe and sound. Hee hee.

1st stop : Ling Shen Tong

There`s lotsa statues deities in this temple that located throughout the front yard. There`s also some cutie animals for children to hop on but due to the raining weather, couldnt take pix.

After spending sometime at the temple, we quickly run back to the car as it started to rain again. Then we proceed to the next stop.

2nd stop : Nam Thean Tong

At this temple, there`s not much statues deities around. Went for some informal praying then we walked around to see see. But what we saw are not those deities but lotsa ah pek around. They are yelling and shouting and scolding. We`re so curious bout what they are doing and quite suprised to know the answer.

Apparently, that Sunday was a horsing day or racing day. They were gambling at that very temple. Can they do that? I dunno. Hee Hee...but thats life. They`re just having fun with their friends. =)

After that, we proceed to the next temple. Shall continue next time....(^o^)