Thursday, August 9, 2007

Something to eat during tea time

Supposed to post this during tea time. But,heck, since I got nothing special to blog about, might as well post this up. =)

So, in your opinion, what makes a good tea time? For me, it will be something light, not too full and not too, well, empty? Keke...Not too heavy. =P

Went to this stall at town for tea time but you can eat this for your breakfast too. Me and my mum often eat this as our breakfast.

Its toast bread with a cup of coffee and if you like, you can order eggs to go with your bread too. Its kinda special during their toasting process as they dont use the normal toaster but a traditional "oven" using a big "can". I`ll show you how the "oven" looks like.

This is the counter where they prepare your order.

This is the "oven" that Im talking about. Very traditional.

Notice the whitish thing inside the opening?

A closer look. Thats the bread. They use heat from the burning charcoal above to toast the bread.

This is how they do it.

Will need to turn the bread to toast the other side of the bread and MUST jaga the bread. If not, the bread will get burned from the pieces of charcoal falling down.

The outcome:
Hot coffee.

The toasted bread.

This stall is very famous in town. Lots of working people went there for breakfast and tea time. For a set of bread with 2 pieces of breads cost RM1.80 in which you can either have it with peanut butter, butter with sugar, jam or kaya.


Chen said...

where is the shop located?

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

oh...jie know Kimberly Street? Where the night market located? Its near there the lorong there...