Friday, August 17, 2007

Dinner @ La Cabana

Woofy brought me and my mama to this restaurant called the La Cabana for our dinner few weeks ago. My aunt told me bout the restaurant and claimed that the food that they served are not bad and the environment are kinda nice and clam. That makes me wanted to try out their food and asked Woofy to bring me and my mama there.

But we`re fooled by the menu located outside that stated "Set Dinner ~ Buy 3 sets free 1 sets that cost RM39.90~ Therefore, upon arrived to the restaurant, we asked the waitress about the menu in which she said that what stated in the menu was true. We thought " Wow, thats a bargain....So cheap" But as we ordered our food, the same waitress came and said that, RM39.90 is per set and not as she said earlier RM39.90 for 3 sets. * misleading...*

Since we already arrived at the restaurant, we went ahead to order the food. What we ordered are not from the set dinner but from the menu as ala-carte itself.

Woofy ordered a Cajun Chicken (forget the full name), my mama ordered a Grilled Salmon and me ordered a Tuna Pasta. The taste is not bad and quite tasty but for the dinner itself, kinda pricey. The environment are as claimed by my aunt. Nice ambiance.

The Menu

This is the menu for the set dinner

They served bread as an appetizer?

Cute design for butter

Woofy`s Cajun Chicken

My mama`s Grilled Salmon

My Tuna Pasta

Deco in the restaurant

We enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant and quite satisfied with the quality and the taste of the food. As for the damage? The dinner cost about RM 60++ including tax. But not so worth it, cuz its without dessert and drinks.


day-dreamer said...

The serving looks small......