Friday, August 24, 2007

Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day for me and also my family. Early in the morning, my mum received a call from my aunt saying that my grandpa was sick.

She then rushed to my grandpa`s place and see hows he doing. After that, I went to my grandpa`s place to fetch my mum for breaky.

** Fast forward to evening time**

As usual, I was having my nap and suddenly my mum woke me up cuz again my aunt called my mum informed her that my grandpa fell down and knocked his head. Was bleeding.

Luckily, Woofy was home on time and fetched my mum to my grandpa`s place and to help around. He was ok though. Just that he feel weak cuz he din eat for the whole day and feel dizzy when he woke up and try to walk to the door to let my aunt in.

Woofy came back home in few hours and bathed then together, we went to fetch my mum for dinner.

After finished makan, my mum receieved a call from my dad. Dad said that my grandma called my mum and informing her that my great grandfather had passed away.T.T

Juz barely week ago, we went to KL to visit him and doctor even said that he`s still strong and was able to discharge from hospital in few days time and yet this happened. =(

Will be heading to KL tomorrow for the funeral.

~~ Rest in peace, tai`ll be missed by us...~~



day-dreamer said...

I am sorry to hear about your tai kung's demise. My condolences...

Chen said...

sorry to hear about that. My deepest condolences