Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sunday`s Breakfast

Sunday is our family day as my papa and Woofy need not work that day. Thus, without fail, every Sunday, we`ll go out for our breakfast together. Sometimes we eat at the hawker stalls at market, sometimes went to eat dim sum and sometimes we eat something special such as the oysters noodle, BKT soup and some others delicacies.

Last Sunday, before we go there, we went to Song River coffeeshop at Gurney Drive for our breakfast. They serves variety yummy food but their main dishes are their famous oysters noodle and the BKT soup. The normal BKT soup that we had are black in colour , right? But at the shop, they served it in white colour style. Dun believe me?

This is BKT soup and its not your normal black colour as its in white colour. Very nice.

Another famous main dishes : The oyster noodle. Look at those oysters. O.o
Then , we proceed to our side dishes. You can order vegetables, fish and etc. But we particularly like these dishes. They are fried lala (clamps) and fried taukua with leek.

Yummy fried lala.

Fried tau-kua with leek.

You can not go with the food without the chinese tea.

Aaaahhhh....heaven....Yummy yummy breakfast that cost RM 36++ for 4 person. Worth it? And you get to see this kinda nice scenery.


day-dreamer said...

The oyster noodles looked SO GOOD!! *drooling*

Nice scenery... :D

Woofy said...

Nice leh... We loved it so much.

Chen said...

i was there too last sunday too leh.. but around noon time :D I still prefer the black-coloured BKT soup :)

Chen said...

that "scenery" is only seen when one is outside the shop leh.. Kkkkkk :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...

DD : Its yummy ler...come come...ask chen jiejie to belanja you makan..=P

chen jiejie: really? we were there till 12 ++ cuz rushing to go rebut tix...keke...

we sat near d opening space...keke...datz why can see d scenery...=P