Monday, August 27, 2007


Its really hard to understand human`s behavior. What you want is not what you get. When you have given out something or done something, people not necessary accept it or feel grateful for what you have or had done for them.

What is one actually thinking? We do not know. And certainly, not everyone are perfect. How can someone expect the other people to be what they want? Its so unpredictable. This minute, they can be extra friendly or normal and at the next minute, their behavior totally 180 degrees changed. Its like the weather at times. You wont know when the storm gonna happened even though there weather forecaster.

How come people tends to complaint about others bad points but not their own bad points? Is it as the old chinese saying " The mirror reflect others but not you"? How come its so unfair?

They tend to have their own thinking even though its not exactly the same as what the others are thinking? Can you just stand on others point of view and think? Can you please dont always think negatively and be so emotional? Other people will have different point of view. Not everybody will have the same thinking like yours.

What other says just let it be. Why you want to be so sensitive about it? How come you dont understand what Im trying to tell you and accept my explanation? How come you`re so bias?

Why you always expect me or everyone around you to understand your need and live up to your expectation? But when we asked you, you get frustrated and angry. Then you say those hard and harsh words. Isn't that too much? You kept saying that its not a god behavior but yet, you`re the one who show it.

And why people cant keep their mouth shut? Why want to bother people`s things and screw up people`s life? Why kept controlling people`s life and plans? Always want us to follow whatever you asked us to do.

WHY WHY WHY....All i want is just for you to understand and yet you have your own thinking and say me hurt you. Who hurt who? I tried to bear with you. I tried to swallow everything that you complaint. I tried to live up to your expectation. I tried. We tried.

Life is so unpredictable and so unfair.


Will said...

unfortunately, things you said happens quite a lot around us... just ignore them la