Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some games review : Part 1

Oh well, during this 4 weeks of my holiday, I`ve finished quite a number of games.

Woofy scared that I`ll be bored during my holidays and he kept finding new games for me to play and to keep my occupied and to pass my time with. But little to his expectation that I`ll finished those games in sucha short period and to time, I`ve just finished another game.

Let see how many game(s) that I`ve finished ya....: ( not in order )

This game is about puzzle solving and solving the mysteries of the Azada where you need to find the hidden items required and solve a series of puzzle to retrieve a clue from each level. The story of this game is about releasing Titus(lead 'actor' of the game) where he was trapped by magic spell by his great uncle.

My review : Some of the puzzles are repeat and were easy to solve. But there are some that are kinda hard. Need some thinking.

I just finished this game today. Kinda addictive game. Like the previous 1, its a finding item and solving puzzles and mysteries game. Its about finding the lost lottery ticket and player play the role as the private investigator. One will need to find all the items required in order to retrieve a puzzle like clue for the final retrieving the lost ticket.

My review : Kinda nice game which required some knowledge of words which are quite uncommon. Dun need much thinking and skills. Levels are some what easy to pass.

This game is about satisfying customers their hunger by preparing the burger of their choice. All the "action" must be fast or else customers will leave and leave you insufficient of value or goal to go to the next level.

My review : Fun game but "action" must be fast cuz they keep upgrading new recipe or menu of each level you`ve achieved. Need some strategy or else you cant pass the level and will need to re-play the same level again.

Guess everybody is some what familiar with this reality show. The game is almost something like what you`ve seen in the show. Achieve the target or highest score than your competitor in order to escape the boardroom and hearing " You`re FIRED!" by Mr. Trump.

My review : Kinda easy to achieve the goal if you`re familiar with the game and controlling. Some strategies are needed but not all are applicable. The last task are probably the hardest of all.

Continue the others some other time as its time for me to hit the shack. Hee hee. Nite everyone.=)

** to be continue......