Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kanzai Cat

What is this Kanasai Kanzai Cat? It's a new collection toys from Memory Lane. It's kinda cute thou (in my opinion). They have 10 cute lil kitties cats from that range. Each with different name with different meaning to it and also with different colours.

Woofy bought me 2 of the Kanasai Kanzai Cat. (y i keep type wrong 1? Hee hee...) *purposely 1*.

These are the kitties kitties cats....

This is the blue blue kitty named Banzai. The meaning for this kitty is : A desperado - an adventurous spirit, always wandering off .

This is reddie kitty cat namely Cherry Blossom which means Charming and flirtatious, a free spirit with a gentle heart.

Theres alot more for this toys. Got green colour 1 (Wasabi), white 1 ( Zen), etc etc...I just remember that 2...=P

Anyone wana buy me the rest? Thank you in advance...keke...


Chen said...

The Kanzai meow cried liao cos u call them kanasai :P

Woof Woof n Meow Meow said...


datz d 1st impression dat kanasai cat gimme mah..