Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Loving Memory of Grandpa

My grandpa passed away on Thursday 13th of December. He left us at 8:10am peacefully. Its both bad news and good news for us. Bad cuz he`s no longer with us and good, cuz he no longer need to suffer anymore. Those 3days in hospital is bad enough for him. See him suffering from the sickness is hurtful enough for us to see and feel. Its so heartache seeing him in those condition.

Dear Ah Kung,

Although you`re not here with us anymore but in my heart and in our heart, you`re always here. Your loudness, your facial expression , everything.

I`ll miss the time where mum and i come fetch you to town everyday. I`ll miss the time where we spent our time with you and the time where you join us for UNO game.

But, think of it, its good that you left us for you no longer need to suffer anymore. Those 3 days is enough for you. Ahkung, you`re free from any sickness now. You no longer need to suffer from the sickness.

Don`t worry bout us, AhKung. We`ll take care of ourselves and will come to visit you when ever we can. You`re will never be forget by us. You`re always in our heart and the memories that you gave us,will always be in our heart.

There`s alot of things i wanted to tell you but its impossible for me to type out. I know you want us to be happy and we promise you, we won`t be sad for a long time.

I Love you, AhKung. I miss you forever.


day-dreamer said...

My condolences to you and your family.

Stay strong okay.

Winn said...

my condolence.

take care ya?

Wyn said...

DD: thanx..=)

winn jiejie : thanx too..feel better now..=)

Chen said...

sorry to hear that. My deepest condolence to you and your family members

Wyn said...

thanx jiejie...=)

wendy yan said...

wei.. u write like that, u let me recall many memories leh.. i also very very miss ah kung