Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Do anyone of you guys believe in Magic? Well, for me, sometimes i do and sometimes i don`t but mostly i do. =) Although, how the magician do it, may it be illusion or some kind of trick, im still very impress with the way they did it and admire their talent.

I stumble upon this show called "Mondo Magic" on AXN,Astro last night. The magician are not as famous as David Copperfield or David Blaine but their skills are very impressive as well.

That makes me think : Who started this thing called Magic? How does it started? What is magic all about? Thus, again, i "asked" Google bout it.

Magic is a use of supernatural powers that can form illusion to human eyes, or to influence something.

This is what i found:

I quote them from Wikipedia :

The term "Magic" is etymologically derived from the Old Persian word Magi. Performances we would now recognize as conjuring have probably been practiced throughout history. The same level of ingenuity that was used to produce famous ancient deceptions such as the Trojan_Horsewould also have been used for Entertainment, or at least for cheating in gambling, since time immemorial. However, the profession of the illusionist gained strength only in 18th century, and has enjoyed several popular vogues. Successful magicians have become some of the most famous Celebrity in popular entertainment........*Click here to learn more*

Speaking of magic, Woofy had bought us 2 tickets to the upcoming event for Disney Live - Mickey`s Magic show on the 3rd of Nov at PISA. This will be our 2nd time to Disney show , once was the Disney On Ice and now is the live show but it will be my 3rd time going to the Disney show. So excited. Cant`t wait for the time to arrive. =P