Monday, October 29, 2007


Advertisement played a major part in promoting a product. It carried message to the viewer or consumer about the product and how the advertiser carried out the message is very important.

Nowadays, we saw many colourful and interesting advertisements that capture our view. For example, beer or liquor company that want to promote their product, the advertiser use a very beautiful and sexy model.

Question: Hows the backdated advertisers advertise their product?

I came across to the coffee shop where they hung up not updated advertisement but rather, backdated advertisement. To me, its kind of funny to see them but i must say, they are kind of impressing.

Thats how the beer company promote their product. You don`t see any sexy girls in their bikini. Very straight to the point. Tiger anyone? =P

Backdated kind of cigarettes. They don`t have Salem, Dunhill, Marlboro or other brands of cigarettes that we have today. They have Torchlight brand and Gold Flake brand. Notice how the packaging like? Amazing right? There are some other cigarettes advertisement but din`t manage to take the pictures.

Remember this brand FnN? Its a company that produce soda drink which continued till now. You still have FnN but the advertisement? It changed to more interesting now if compare to the 1 above.