Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I don`t understand....

Sometimes, its really hard to understand what`s on people`s mind.

There is this family that living at the block that im staying. Lately, they bought a little doggy same breed as my doggy - a minpin. She`s very tiny and cute too. At 1st, they are very loving towards the doggy. Every evening, you will see them walking the doggy, taking the doggy to do her business. The doggy used to lived inside of the house.

But, things changed now. You no longer can see them walk the doggy and the doggy now stay outside of the house - outdoor. She`s still very small and over here, it rained almost every nite. Imagined that : a small doggy out in the cold with just those cupboard for shelter. Even my doggy stay indoor, whenever it rained, she also feel cold. How about that little doggy? Its so heartache seeing her.

And, i cant even do anything but hope she will be alrite on her own. I dont understand at all. If you are not ready to have pet, dont brought them home. Dont torture them that way. Show them care and love, not leave them like that.

Is there anything i can do to help that doggy? I dont want that doggy to suffer like that. Its not a right way to treat a doggy. She`s not a working dog, not meant to leashed her outside.

Everytime, when i think of her being treat that way, i cant help but tears will slowly shed out. I really feel so sorry for her.


day-dreamer said...

So ngam I watching 当狗爱上猫... haha.

Chen said...

They are so cruel to the little puppy.
How about reporting to SPCA?

Wyn said...

DD : siu pa...haha..

chen jiejie: duno lor...datz what my uncle told me to do also...