Saturday, December 27, 2008

My best present ever.....

I received my best Christmas present ever yesterday. At around 5:37 pm yesterday, i logged on to my uni`s website to view at my last semester result. I was trembling yesterday and the night before. Was so scared that i did not do well in my exam.

But when i saw my result, i couldn't believe my eyes. HAHAHA...!!!! I actually did quite well in it. I managed to score a A and a B for my major papers. WOW!!! Overall, i got 2 As and 2Bs in my exam. I really couldn't believe it. My parents were so happy when i told them my result and Woofy was happy for me too.

So, now, all I have to do is to focus on my last 4 papers as this will be my last semester before i start doing my intern. Can't wait.

Till then, have a nice weekend!!


day-dreamer said...

Aisehhh~ CONGRATS!

Keep it up! ;)

Wyn said...